Thoughts on Yoga

(From 2005)

Yoga, a Sanskrit word meaning “to yoke,” or “to unite” is a set of disciplines that address the body-mind split in many powerful ways. Meditation, concentration, physical postures, breath control and so forth are some of the better known ones. Certainly, the physical postures, “asanas” are the best known form, and contain much of the benefit of the other “branches.” Yoga is particularly good for the back and joints.

There is a truth in the realm of the esoteric: there are things that cannot be taught, cannot be put into words, but can still be learned. And a teacher can create a context in which a student can learn for herself, and then that teacher can identify a breakthrough moment and say, “That one. That moment, there.”

There are so many things that I’m trying to communicate on this blog. The value of each and every one of you. The sanity of a balanced life and perspective. The road to a high-energy creative life. The path to personal mastery. No, I’m not saying I’m a master. I’m saying that I’ve identified a path that leads to mastery.

And how might Yoga fit into that path? Integrated into the 5MM, one would practice a single asana five times a day–pick your least favorite (standing head to knee pose, for me). One would also have goals in all three major areas of life, and visualize your triangle as you perform the pose. Move your consciousness through the chakras. About seven breaths, about two minutes. You’ve got it!

-Steve Barnes,


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