Die before you die

(from 2005)

No, that’s not the title of the new James Bond movie. It is a Sufi saying that relates to the need to shed ego. We are going to start with the specific, and then go broader to the entire structure of the Mastery Technique, Lifewriting’s highest expression.

We struggle to reach the next level in our lives, whether that represents finding love, losing weight, career advancement, whatever. We struggle to let go of one way of being, and embrace the new. We feel massive fear, discomfort as we do, and this is no accident. When our goals are genuine, when they involve change of major aspects of our personalities, they represent genuine ego deaths. In other words–try to do something that you cannot do today, and some part of you will feel it, will die in the attempt. And it is correct.

But we cannot resist change. Either we wait for life to “kill” us–through loss, or inevitable shifts of fate–or we take those steps to continually reinvent ourselves, which involves death of the old self.

“I” cannot make it across that gap. Ever. You must leave your concepts of yourself on the far side of the gulf. Moses could not enter the promised land. The Prophet Mohammad died before his vision could be completed. Jesus was crucified before his prophesies of a freed people could manifest. “I” cannot make it across. “Die before you die.”

Stress is the trigger for all excellence. But if stress exceeds the body or psyche’s capacity for integration, it becomes strain, and breaks the system down. Physically, this manifests as the triumvirate of stress, nutrition, and rest. Get the right amount of each, in the right time, and we grow. Get too much or not enough, and the body breaks down. Psychically, stress is much more subtle and difficult to quantify. But psychological stress does manifest on a physical level (as well as an emotional one) and therefore these two arenas provide access to the invisible world. That “invisible world” is what all the sages of the world have been speaking of since time immemorial, and I believe that the knowledge exists now to approach it with greater confidence, if we are prepared to die in the attempt.

Human beings are machines designed to succeed, and evolve. Whatever you are at this point in your life, some part of you defined this as success. Wherever you are stuck, you became stuck while attempting to evolve, change, grow, connect with the divine. Core Transformation, a delightful technology created by Connie Rae Andreas from NLP Comprehensive in Colorado, addresses this beautifully. To unstick yourself, organize your resources–spiritual, psychological, physical, sexual, emotional–so that they are in a balanced matrix.

As we’ve said again and again, Body-Career-Relationship will do fine, and should be the minimum configuration, as this represents health, hunting/gathering, and the family reproductive unit–the basic structure of human life. It is a perfect mirror for life itself.

NOTE: there are other paths. Perhaps better paths. I speak only of this one, which is available to about 99% of the human race if they are willing to look honestly at their physical health, their careers and their primary relationships.

To move forward with confidence, gain clarity through meditation and therapeutic practice. Gain energy by healing, purifying the body and healthful exercise. Gain spiritual strength through prayer and dedication to a cause greater than yourself. These powers, intertwined, will carry you across the gulf into your next level of being.

The secret of mastery is the ability to be intuitively appropriate at all moments: when sleeping, just sleep. When walking the dog, just walk the dog. When making love, just make love. When writing, write. When fighting, fight.

Master your Self, the instrument that performs in any specific context. The key in almost any discipline, anywhere in the world, is the breath, the smallest component of attention. Link this to both the psyche and the body, and in this way use the body to reveal the invisible world.

Specifically, the Mastery Technique uses Be Breathed and the 5MM to sensitize you to the effects of stress, so that it will not become strain and tear the body down. When you do this multiple times during the day, what Coach Sonnon calls Perpetual Exercise unfolds. More important is what I call Perpetual Peace, the ability to resist high levels of stress. Use the Fear Removal technique (available to anyone who has a moderate level of aerobic endurance) to remove fear from the body-mind, allowing peaceful ego death and rebirth.

This is such a radical possibility that its importance cannot be overstated.

If the goals are balanced, our perceptions will become accurate, clarifying the map of our existence. If our “Reality Maps” are accurate, our efforts will either reveal flaws in design, or move us toward our goals. Either way, we win. We resist the process of stress becoming strain. Balanced goals mean we cannot hurt ourselves, our families or our careers–all are healed and forwarded simultaneously. The true evolutionary nature of the human spirit is revealed. In such a case, progress through the levels of Maslow’s Heirarchy–the Chakras–is smooth. Or as smooth as they can be, given the nature of human existence.

The above, in condensed form, is the core of what I believe to be true. The 5MM is the easiest, fastest, safest way to open this doorway. It blends with all sports, disciplines, philosophies and religions. It merely teaches you how to breathe correctly. Once you learn this, you can adapt it to any yoga or martial art or meditation you wish. It is an insanely powerful technique, totally safe, and immediately effective.

-Steve Barnes,


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