What is a Lifewriter?

I was asked this question last week, and realized I’d not defined it clearly.  I still have no clear definition, and that’s not fair to people I’m asking to consider this path. What I HAVE done is taken a crack at a “manifesto.”  I am asking for critiques, thoughts, suggestions, refinements.   Thank you in advance!



  1. Lifewriters understand the basic steps of the Hero’s Journey:
    1. They are aware of the CHALLENGES in their lives.
    2. They know they must master the FEAR that stops them from growing.
    3. They accept RESPONSIBILITY for their lives.
    4. They take daily ACTION (“the road of trials”)
    5. They find MENTORS and ALLIES to help them along the path, so that they can gain the SKILLS and ABILITIES that take them to the next level
    6. They accept that failure is an inevitable part of improvement. (“Confront evi–defeated”)
    7. They understand that they will experience negative emotions and depression (“The Dark Night of the Soul”)
    8. They have FAITH that, even in the heart of the coldest winter, spring will return.
    9. They are prepared for the shock of VICTORY, and can be good winners.
    10. They teach others the path to growth.
  2. Lifewriters understand that there are multiple levels to human existence, and that it is safest to grow either from the grounding of physical experience, or the connection of heartspace. That our ideas can be convincing, but delusional.
  3. Lifewriters control their own story. They know that their history is a collection of memories and events, but THEY control its meaning, by knitting it all together with perspectives, beliefs, and emotions.
  4. Lifewriters understand that a major way they impact the world is by telling  stories to others.  It is the ONLY way we can communicate our deep emotions and perceptions, and has been used by all great teachers through all human history.
  5. Lifewriters are often professional communicators: writers, filmmakers, teachers, marketers.  They are committed to finding the truth of their lives and speaking it as directly as possible, allowing those who resonate to find them.
  6. Lifewriters don’t bother trying to speak to “everyone”–they know this is an impossible dream, and will ultimately stop them from communicating with ANYONE at all.
  7. Lifewriters have a clear OUTCOME for their actions, they know WHY they want these things…and only after clarifying these two things do they decide HOW to accomplish their dreams.
  8. Lifewriters are the Heroes of their own stories. They have decided to be awake within the dream of their own existence.   While understanding that life is larger than the consensus reality we live in, they play full out, for their own pleasure and the good of humanity.
  9. Lifewriters protect themselves, understanding that wounded healers help fewer people.
  10. Lifewriters love themselves, and humanity. They know that selfishness is not the problem: defining “self” as limited by their own skin, color, nation, gender, or other external measure is the problem.





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