Helping others become the Hero

I got this great note in response to my recent post on “The Tyranny of Evil Men.”


Thank you for this, Steven. You saved me from making a terrible mistake.

One of the things I do, besides writing, is tutoring with the local literacy society. Last week I had the initial interview with a new learner. He is about twenty and was home schooled, sort of. Mostly he was just left to his own devices.
I agreed to take him on and we have our first session tomorrow. Since then, I’ve been trying various things to develop a series of lesson plans to get through to him.
Here’s the thing. After reading this email, I realized that I was regarding Jason as broken somehow. He needed fixing and like Donald Trump said, only I can fix him. Honestly, that was my attitude.
Reading your email blasted me right out of that mindset and made it possible for me to see him as a heroic figure setting out on a journey, having the courage to expose himself in order to better himself, even if it means risking dealing with superior assholes like myself. I don’t know what I’m going to do with him, but the first thing I have to do is develop a real relationship with him so that I can help him on his way. I surely have to drop any feelings of superiority.
Thank you, Steven. I’ll probably forget this insight at some point, but for now it was exactly what I needed to learn.
THAT’S why I share.  Building a tribe of teachers, and ultimately of teachers who will teach teachers.  That’s how you change the world.

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