The Alamo Draft House situation

A simple application of basic Lifewriting principles makes the Alamo Draft House Wonder Woman kerfluffle pretty clear.  We use these principles in storytelling, but they work just as well with life.  Dig it:


Anger is fear. The fear is that a women-only showing will lead to a loss of rights and privileges in other arenas.


There are three basic attitudes one can have behind this:

  1. Women and men are equal.  In which case the only fear would result from a sense that men have abused their power, and women will too, given the opportunity.
  2. Men are superior to women:  in which case weak, cowardly Liberals are disrupting a delicate balance that sustains civilization.
  3. Women are superior to men: in which case men, by strength and viciousness alone, have maintained advantage for thousands of years and a tipping point is here. There will be hell to pay, because Da Gurls don’t really need us very much…



Ah, it really is fun to watch. The obvious parallels to the reactions to Affirmative Action (by, one suspects, a group that overlaps seriously with Men’s Rights sympathizers) brings a certain evil joy to my heart.  For all my life and beyond, such men (and women of the same tribe) have asserted there was no problem.  Flip the script and they scream that there is a HORRIBLE problem.  They were lying, obviously…to themselves at the very least.  I have some sympathy for them.  Those who knew they were lying, and lied smiling deserve no sympathy at all.


Doesn’t this stuff write itself? Doesn’t it really sound like a tacky Movie of the Week on the Oxygen Network, with obvious and overwrought political overtones?  Can’t you hear the same men saying: “oh, that’s ridiculous. We’d never do that.”


And ladies…make no mistake.   I’ve heard women complaining EXACTLY the same way when the issue is racial rather than gendered.  This is human stuff. Cut the guys some slack.


Whichever it is…waking up is hard to do, isn’t it?  Because I have faith in human equality, I see no problems here.  Just a minor correction.  Things go back and forth.  Those who are hyper-sensitive to ever being on the losing end, no matter how minor, no matter how short, are NOT interested in equality. They want to shave off all losing scores, which means that the average HAS to be to their advantage.  Only if advantage goes back and forth is it possible to average out even.  You have to get that to understand the game.


Me?  I’m sitting back with a bag of popcorn, enjoying the pregame show.  Man, the 21st Century is really kicking in.



Steven Barnes

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