What’s Up Today?

Just wanted to do a core dump this morning.  Got to do that at least once a week, especially when I’m seeking to integrate new skills. Life changes when you do that, and so do perceptions.

  1. I’m curious what the reaction to TWELVE DAYS will be.  You never know. All you can do is the best you can do.  “Art” is Self expression. Craft is the specific language that communicates that expression in a given modality: singing, poetics, writing, martial arts, whatever.  If the audience feels the emotion you intended, you have succeeded in the “external” game of art.  The “What is true?”   But the inner game is more  the “who am I?”
  2. I’m mostly recovered from the Dog Mountain experience.  The trick was that after that 3000 foot climb, I had another four days when I had to maintain high energy…and did so.  That was a cool test.   But after I got back home, I had to keep going for another two days before I could begin to slow down.
  3. When I slowed down, began peeling back the emergency energy walls, I could access deep wells of fatigue.  Imbalance–the body creates all manner of strictures and jerry-rigged bonds of tension to protect it under physical or emotional stress. They are designed for PERFORMANCE, not “health”.  If you don’t re-integrate the stress, it becomes strain, and comes off the end of your life.
  4. Integrating all the psychological, emotional, and physical stress requires meditation and exercise. The conscious thought process is only useful to point you in the right direction. The work has to be non-intellectual.
  5. Meditating is sitting upright in bed, breathing nasally and diaphragmatically, and listening to my heartbeat. After grounding, I can try to create a black or white “triangle” between and above my eyes.   This has been miserable, a real sign of deep fatigue still working its way out.
  6. Connecting with my heart means digging through the wreckage and stress-tar (that’s how it represents).  After I do enough work (a couple of hours spread over days, usually) I can get in touch with “Little Steve” who is down there playing, like a kid singing in the basement of a collapsed building.  It seems odd that he’s happy, until I realize that he’s happy because he knows I’m coming for him.  He has no doubt any more.  God, that’s a wonderful thing.
  7. Yoga is the most important discipline for recovery (joint mobility is best for the first five minutes. If you’ve got more than five minutes, though…yoga.)  The right routine is a “perfect template”–I know that if I can do it, all is well.  I like the 30 minute Astanga “Short Form” created by Richard Freeman.
  8. On alternate days, it’s the “Zero Net Time” program
  9. Six days a week, I do my “Morning Ritual”: Tai Chi combined with visualization, affirmation, and chanting.  Emotion is created by a combination of focus, movement, and internal dialogue. By controlling all three at the same time for a few minutes a day, you can change your life. My primary goal?  To improve my Morning Ritual by 1% per day.
  10. Tananarive and Jason are out of town.  I’m able to be on my on schedule. Stayed up till 12:30 last night bingeing  “Riverdale”.  Its pretty damned cool. Then slept in until 9.  Wow, that felt good. Now I’m going to take care of business, Morning Ritual, do Yoga…then back to the Niven-Pournelle project and have fun.


Anyway, that’s what today looks like!  How’s your day?






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