Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the women. But smile.

My primary intent is philosophical: “who am I?” and “what is true?” rather than political, which I interpret as “how can we win?”


That intent is about personal evolution, awakening,  advancement for the species.   Unfortunately, only truth can take you there. And “People will thank you for making them think they are waking up, but they’ll hate you if you actually do it.”  There is that risk.    But my commitment HAS to be the actual awakening.  Some of these things can be proven logically. Others have to be taken on faith.


Hopefully, the only thing I’m taking on faith is a basic belief in human equality.  While it may not apply in all instances, I find that the other path, believing your group is superior, is FAR more likely to produce pain, oppression, and feed domination and ego games, as well as the utterly poisonous potential to damage someone and then blame them for the damage.


The rest of predation is just animal. But that?  Blaming THEM for what YOU did to them?  That’s like a child molester claiming their victim was “the most seductive child you ever saw.”


Or a mugger hitting you in the head, taking your wallet, pissing on you as you lay in the gutter, and then laughing and claiming you are just genetically indolent, broke, and stinking.  THAT is not simple predation. That is evil.




Need I be more specific?   THOSE WHO PROMOTE THE NOTION OF INEQUALITY ARE, AT THE VERY LEAST, CARRYING WATER FOR MONSTERS.  That is the clear corrollary for my core belief.


Are we crystal clear?


Where do I apply this “basic equality” notion?    Not universally–clearly some people are taller than others.  It would be absurd to say otherwise.  I apply it to large groups in certain ways, NOT BECAUSE I THINK IT IS 100% TRUE, BUT BECAUSE IT IS TRUER THAN THE OPPOSITE, MORE OFTEN. And because it forces a different kind of thought.   I find that it leads more naturally to thinking of human beings as “ends rather than means”.  The opposite, thinking of people as “means rather than ends” is, again, a road to human evil.


If I’m going to make an error, I’ll make it on the side of love.    I can deal with that.




So I START with the assumption of basic equality in capacity and moral worth between:


  1. Men and women
  2. Gay and straight
  3. Different races
  4. Different major religions


There are others, but these stand out.  In other words, when you see problems, start with nurture over nature, and ask if there are things in the environment that could create this issue. ESPECIALLY if your own group is in opposition or dominator position.




Because the natural human tendency is to blame others for the damage we do to them.  We don’t like to feel guilty.


BUT…if you are the oppressed group, you also have a responsibility–to NOT take the position that the oppressors are inferior to you morally.  I see this one done by the “undergroup” all the time.  But when they have power, they use it the same way.


No…if you are going to say the difference in performance (things like life span, income, incarceration rates, education levels, political power, life satisfaction etc) are caused by environmental things, you have the responsibility to understand the “oppressors” the same way.   And grasp that if you had the power, you’d do the same thing…or maybe even have power you don’t acknowledge and DO create your own chaos and damage.


There is a classic Jules Feiffer cartoon.  In it, a black man and a white man are sitting across the table from each other.  The black man says: “you have your history.  White history.  Written by white people, to promote white power.  We want our history. Black history, written by black people,to promote black power. Our demand is separate but equal lies.”


DAMN I loved that!


Separate but equal “stories” might help us understand the reactions to “Wonder Woman” and “Black Panther”–both the celebration and the venom (check out the comments on Youtube or “Aint It Cool News” about the films or their trailers.   No matter how fast the moderators take down the racist and sexist comments, they still pile up.  If you haven’t been aware to its presence in our culture, it will horrify you.)




If my primary interest is spiritual awakening, why do I speak of the flesh? Sex?  Exercise? Success?


Heck, why talk about things like race?


Look at the Chakras.   They are a model of human growth, similar to Maslow’s Hierarchy, but predating it by thousands of years.    Survival, Sex, Power, Emotion, Communication, Intellect, Spirit.  The lower levels are foundational, and must be healed before the “energy” rises to the next level and can be invested in dealing with the problems THERE.  When you resolve the duality, awaken from the illusion, you free up the energy used to bind you there, and can rise to the next level.


It is HARD.  I had no support for this as a child, even though I could see the path. So…I ignored certain levels of the conflict, the illusion.   Those dealing with race were not dealt with healthily in my environment: my mother was terribly conflicted, believed that if she’d “passed” for white, she would have had a better life.   Trapped by a lie (that she was “black” even if she was phenotypically white, an absurd notion supported only by a cultural lie and racial politics) she was torn to pieces, and died in horror.


I “wired around” that stuff, deliberately projecting my personality strongly enough to force people to consider my individual personal characteristics as more primary than my racial characteristics. But…I always knew it was an evasion.   Would hear the “you’re not one of them.  You’re one of US” comments.  I was accepted, as long as I remained silent about certain issues.   And it felt damned good.  I wasn’t trapped.  As long as I shut up.  And tacitly agreed that “well…ahem…it’s not their fault, but…you know…black people just aren’t as smart…”


I was warned that as long as I was “Steven Barnes, science fiction writer, who happens to be black” I was safe. But if I spoke up, I would become “Steven Barnes, black science fiction writer” and would suffer for it.  Hell, I was BLACKBALLED from a major SF magazine on racial grounds (according to two different editors, who approached me separately after the death of the publisher) so yeah, I’m not blowing smoke.


By odd coincidence, these same people also denied slavery had been any more painful than, say immigration. They HAD to, don’t  you see?  They can’t have their “inferiority doctrine” AND believe the testimony of slaves, witnesses and logic that the institution was destructive.


Its one or the other.


So…they choose the one that absolves their ancestors of guilt, and allows them to avoid the fear of retaliation. A retaliation which has never come.


Why?  Theory: black people who would be inclined to retaliate for the horror were killed out of the population, the genes and memes destroyed.    Where might we see a bit of evidence of this..?






It is disturbing to me that even black exploitation directors don’t seem to be as hostile to whites  as mainstream white directors can be to blacks. Logic would suggest that they sure as hell have more motivation.   In other words, I can produce DOZENS of examples of white movies killing all black people.  But I cannot find a single example of the opposite, even with black directors.  They MUST exist, but wow, couldn’t have had much distribution now, could they…


I remember lecturing at a white college, and someone made the mistake of asking me why black people are so angry.  I had to laugh at the obliviousness, but took the question seriously.  “What if we had done the same thing to you?” I asked.   “What if we had kidnapped you from your homeland, put you in chains, shipped you to the other side of the world. Stripped away your religion, language, culture, autonomy.  Raped your women and sold your children. Beat you to death if you didn’t work for us, and then stole the fruit of your labor.  Did this for generations, then brain washed you into believing you were DESERVING of this treatment.  Then…gaslighted you into believing nothing had happened, that “Gone With The Wind” was an honest representation of the institution, then claimed that the political party favored by the descendants of those slavers, the people more likely to believe you were inferior, were actually better friends than the people who tried to help you, however clumsily…?”


Oh boy, we were having some fun now!


You should have listened to the room getting quieter and quieter.  The women drew back and crossed their arms over their chests.  The guys leaned forward, baring their teeth, clinching their fists, cheeks tensing into “predator face”.  War face. They knew DAMNED well that, under those circumstances…they’d want to kill us all.


Oh yeah, baby.  Make no mistake.   THAT’S the truth.


And that is why the lies have been so important, the images in film such a naked revelation of unconscious desires and values.  Why there is so much anger around images like “Black Panther.”  Remember: ANGER IS FEAR.  ATTACKS ARE DEFENSES.


But also remember: under the same historical circumstances, you and your group would do the same thing.  If you can’t see that?   If the circumstances were reversed, you’d be one of the racists you hate.  You are part of the problem. You just haven’t had the chance to act out yet.  You are an oppressor-in-waiting.




Because I’m assuming that the death of all black characters in films is an unconscious expression of values–it NEVER happens in reverse in an American film. The only examples of this I can find internationally are in movies like “The Chinese Connection”, which are specifically expressions of anger and fear toward “foreigners” (Russians and Japanese, specifically, who had dominated China),


Theory: Wiping out every member of a group in your film is an expression of your values and fantasies.  In most naked form, it is raw anger and hostility.



If that’s true, then are there any supporting datum?  Well… (and this has to be rubbery–I’m not doing formal social science research, but DO know a lot about film images and their acceptance at the box office level…)


Remember that little thing about black men having sex in movies, and how white audiences reject it?   That until the movie “Creed” not a single film with a non-white actor having a love scene had cracked the 100 million mark?


It isn’t about a blanked aversion to phenotype, certainly–there are plenty of non-white FEMALES boffing above the 100 million level.  Always with white males, of course.


So what might be going on?  Well…if we look more closely, we are in dangerous territory. We are piercing the “Matrix”, beliefs and values held so deeply that they just seem   reality. To look through them risks danger, frankly.    These are uncomfortable thoughts for those who benefit from the lie.


And I suggest that the lie is, at best simply the universal human lie: “our tribe is the smartest, strongest, sexiest. God loves us the most and made us the best.”  Simple.  Universal.


And at worst: As Conan said:  “Crush images-1.jpgyour enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the women.”   Kill the men, rape the women.  That’s about as primal a core genetic programming as you can get.


IF that is true, how would I put this all together?


  1. Males do not take pleasure in watching reproductive behavior in males they feel themselves to be in competition with, or fear being outbred by.
  2. The primary rule is “kill the males, rape the females”.    More politely, have the males die or be denied access to sex. Seduce the women.    It has ALWAYS been safer for white men to have sex with black women than vice versa.
  3. The disproportionate deaths, and 100% extinction images (all black people, or all black males, killed) reflect this cinematic expression of tribal warfare.
  4. One reason You NEVER see the opposite because almost all “black exploitation” movies were financed, produced, directed, or distributed by white people.  There was a white person SOMEWHERE in that chain. And a film that killed all white people would at the least “feel wrong”.  (Remember–if the situation was reversed, black people would pull the same shit)
  5. And the other reason…is that black people who translate that fear into anger, and that anger into action…were killed over the centuries.  Their memes destroyed.   What we have instead  is tolerance, patience, Christianity, philosophies of peace and unity or isolation.  Anything else would have been suicide.   We were always outnumbered, always outgunned.



Why do I speak about this, if my ultimate goal is spiritual evolution? Because you can only evolve from love. Fear and love compete. And I see massive fear boiling among whites…because black people aren’t as scared of them as we used to be.  Oops.



What is frightening? Why are people scared?  The people who believe in equality are NOT as scared.   They can afford to have faith that things will work out.    Those who trade in stereotypes, in the belief in inequality, have much to fear.


If they hate and fear, and think black people are equal, then they are afraid of being treated as they have treated others.


If they believe whites are superior (and make no mistake: I’d estimate 10-20% of human beings believe this about their racial group.    That means that there has been one hard-core racist for every black person in the country.  One needs look no further than this to understand everything you need to know about why blacks have suffered in America)  then they fear that “the monkeys are taking over the zoo.”


But, of course, what about the third possibility, the one so seldom discussed?  That blacks are actually SUPERIOR?  In that case, the fear is ravening: like a bully who beat up smaller kids in grade school, they fear those kids getting their full growth, and maturing to own the town factory such that one day they stand in front of those they used to abuse, asking for a job.  Or kneeling in a back alley, begging for mercy.


Consider THAT fear.  That humiliation.   That extinction terror.     Massive.  So massive it is hardly ever even considered.   People will imagine the world dominated by robots, aliens, apes or zombies before they’ll consider black people in charge.


Seriously.  Wait.  Maybe the SF people were right.  Maybe robots, aliens and apes really DO represent….






That’s what we’re actually dealing with in America.  The chickens coming home to roost.  Slaves were simply human machinery. But you needed an entire system of lies to keep that machinery in place, and the lies outlived the institution.


There is a layer of existential terror that keeps those with hatred and fear in their hearts from asking “who am I?” and “what is true?”  They dare not.  But they must.


If America is to evolve, if people both white and black are to evolve, we have to move beyond fear, and that requires that we face truth, no matter how bitter it initially seems.


What is the way through all of this?  The same five principles I’ve discussed over and over again.


  1. Love yourself.   When you do, you don’t need the opinions of others.  But you also can examine your own flaws and failings and admit them. This is CRITICAL if you are to see the failings of others and see that you could have been that person, given a different world.  But we’re not talking foolish optimism. If you REALLY love yourself, you tap into your natural defensive circuitry, the same way you would if someone threatened your child. BE SAFE. But be loving.
  2. Love one other person.  This teaches us empathy, DEMANDS that we begin to engage with the world.  Selfishness is only a problem if your sense of “self” ends at your skin.
  3. Understand history and humanity without guilt, blame, or shame.  This continues the process of expanding empathy.  And if you start with the assumption of equality, you must understand the relations of differing races, genders, religions and even nations as natural emergent tendencies: fear and love and unconscious drives and self-justification played out on a world stage for 250 thousand years.  Its quite a show.   And the puppet master has always been our drive to survive and reproduce.
  4. Support your tribe.  Don’t waste your time on sleeping children and smiling monsters.  “Tribe” doesn’t need to be a nasty word.  My “tribe” is defined by those who have FAITH in human equality. Others can be friends, or neighbors, or students, or even teachers. But they are not of my “tribe” in this sense.  Because my faith is unshakable, I believe anyone on another path is simply blinded by self-interest. They are asleep.  And a few are “smiling monsters” who will pretend to be friends, but are really trying to seduce you into their twisted view of the world.  Be careful.
  5. WIN with honor.  Treat others as you would wish your children to be treated: fairly, honestly, compassionately.  When they come at you with anger, remember that they are afraid.   Attacks are defenses.   When you come from love AND strength, you will be able to stand your ground, speak your truth, and withstand the “whirlwind” they promise you.  But play to win.



I care about fiction because those who control the narrative control consciousness.  The world is in turmoil, America is in turmoil because, I believe, we are finally asking the real questions.


We PRETENDED to believe in equality–as long as it was on comfortable terms.


I concern myself with film images because they BOTH lead and follow. Are both symptoms and causes.  When I know what you like to watch…I know what is in your heart.  But I can also help you see that the future is nothing to fear, unless you believe you need fear to survive.


Now we’re dealing with the reality.  Needless to say, there WILL be smiling monsters who try to corrupt this process (“hey!  What about us pederasts!   Love is love, right..?”) and the oppressed WILL become oppressors, if their hearts are dominated by fear rather than love.


But…love will win.  I believe that with all my heart. And all we have to do is START from the position of equality, rather than the other way around.


Love and fear compete for the same place in our hearts.  Come from love




(I am searching for storytellers who want to come from both love AND strength, and speak truth.   If this sounds like you, join us at


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