The Cause and Effect of Justice

The founding fathers understood that each state in the union needed representation. No one says: let Georgia decide for everyone. Obviously this would lead to problems for California.

But the same people who understand this, if you say “the answer to inequality is proportional representation among the decision makers” will accuse you of terrible things. How DARE you suggest that X’s cannot know as much about Y’s and their concerns as Y’s do! How DARE you suggest that X’s might hue to their own self-interests, and it might be a good idea to have Y’s making some of the decisions, if those decisions affect Y’s.

It will lead to genocide!  It is unfair!  It is sexist/racist/culturally elitist to think that we X’s don’t have the superior judgement it takes to make the best decisions, better than YOU could make for yourself!


In essence, they are saying some mighty odd things: they think themselves so superior that having total control in their hands is somehow fairer, better, than sharing the control. Beware of people who use anything remotely like that argument, and remember: the closest external evidence of social change is proportional representation among the decision makers. It is both cause and effect of justice.

Here are some translations of what they are saying:

  1. Let us keep the power. We like the power.  We will allow you to come before us, hat in hand like little orphan Oliver saying “please sir, I want some more” and after a loooong time and much bowing and scraping, we might make a few changes.  Which will be undone if you EVER take your eyes off the ball.
  2. We consider ourselves better than you, although we’re too polite to say it. Therefore we should make the decisions.
  3. We are afraid that you will gain control, and treat you as you were treated. Or:
  4. We are afraid you will gain control, and treat us WORSE than you were treated.  Because you are our moral and mental  inferiors.
  5. And most basically: we don’t think you’re as human as we are. We don’t care what you want. We’ll pretend to, so that we can guilt-trip you into protecting our children and property, but when it comes down to it, if you died we’d shed a tear and finish our cocoa.

Make no mistake: whether in business, education, government, law enforcement, entertainment, or anything else, the surest measure that progress has been or WILL be made is proportional representation among the decision makers.

Don’t let anyone distract you, guilt trip you, threaten you, gaslight you or catch you up in meaningless troll-loops of tag-team internet challenges.  Keep your eye on the ball.




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