TWELVE DAYS is finally here!


For years, people told me that my 1986 novel THE KUNDALINI EQUATION was the best thing I’d ever written. The tale, of a computer nerd who mashes-up meditation patterns from a dozen different disciplines and accidentally discovers the secret to human transformation, was my own young attempt to answer questions I could barely form about the nature of evolution and spiritual transcendence, wrapped in a (hopefully) neat adventure story.

And people asked me: “what happened next?”  For twenty-five years I pondered that, while writing two dozen other novels.  Then finally in about 2012, it came to me that there WAS another story, and that the man I am now would have some interesting things to say to the 34 year old who wrote the original book.


The new story had to do with honor, and sacrifice, and love, and courage. With a single mother Olympia Dorsey struggling to save her fragile family from the End of Days, and her autistic son Hannibal, who has attracted the attention of dangerous, evil people.

It is also the story of Terry Nichols, an ex-soldier and martial artist who has lost his sense of meaning in life, and seeks to find it through an action that will dishonor him forever.   His tenuous connection with Olympia brings him to the greatest teacher of his life, and a choice that will change him…and the world…forever.

Is it possible to write a thrill-a-minute suspense novel that also says something I truly believe about humanity and spirit?  I hope so.  I honestly tried.   And hope that you’ll love it!

Steven Barnes

co-author of the NAACP Image Award winning “In The Night of the Heat” written with Tananarive Due and Blair Underwood




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