What’s Your Story?

A critical point to remember is that the stories we tell influence the way we interpret events.  Think of any court case. Both defense and prosecution have the same set of facts.   But they spin DIFFERENT STORIES about them, and each hopes that the jury will buy THEIR version of the story.


THE PERSON WHO CONTROLS THE STORY CONTROLS YOUR EMOTIONS.  Every election cycle: same set of facts, two different candidates spinning two different stories about what it means.


Two different products: say Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola, or Burger King and MacDonald’s.   Selling basically the same product, but creating different “stories” about what it means to use one source of cheap carbohydrates and caffeine rather than another.  One source of institution-grade beef and processed cheese stuff than another.


What about parenting?  You have to spin a STORY for your children about what homework, cleaning their rooms, obeying adults, doing chores and so forth mean in their lives.  Fail to do this, and you cannot lead them.


And every culture develops its own mythology that connects them directly to creation, the divine. That paints them as descended from great heroes, capable of overcoming all obstacles.


Every human being needs to have these stories.  And so does every culture.  Afrofuturism is nothing more than this healing process playing out on a cultural level, and it is wonderful so see.


Do YOU have a personal myth that:

  1. Explains your current life situation
  2. Clarifies what major outcomes you need to establish to move to the next level of your life
  3. Marks out the daily actions to accomplish them
  4. Defines the new abilities and allies you need to succeed
  5. Helps you cope with failure along the way
  6. Celebrates victory
  7. Defines how you can help and support others on the path



Have these things, and you have the key to constant, ever-ending growth.   Treat them like a checklist for a couple of your major outcomes, and see what results you get!






(We had a wonderful time on the OCTAVIA TO T’CHALLA seminar last Saturday, and wanted you to have a chance to watch it if you missed it.  Also didn’t want you to miss the special offer we made, that is “live” until tomorrow midnight.


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