Reminders to deal with the stress

Stress that exceeds our capacity to deal with it or grow from it creates “strain” and the “stress tunnels” that make our perceptions narrow and our reactions brittle.   In a danger situation, the ability to shift between wide and narrow focus on demand is critical.

Luckily, there is a way to prevent stress from becoming strain, and that is control of physiology. One of the few processes that is both voluntary AND autonomic (so is blinking) is breathing. If you breath as if you are in control and powerful, your brain will accept that evaluation.

This is the “Five Minute Miracle”–deep, slow, diaphragmatic “belly breaths” at least once every three hours, for sixty seconds.  FOCUS ON THE EXHALATION PART OF THE CYCLE.  If you exhale, you’ll automatically inhale. But if you inhale…you might “hold it”.


On days like today, I’d suggest doing this at the top of EVERY hour.  So much fear, and the anger that attends it.    IMO, 100% of the problem here is fed by people in this “strained” position, seeing the world through a fear filter, and letting that evolve into anger.

And of course, sometimes violence.

Don’t be part of the problem.   Exhale.








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