An example of why I’m optimistic…

Want to know why I believe the South is changing regarding racism, and for the better?  I’ve criticized it in the past, and it is only fair to mention an instance of why I believe it is healing…


This happened in a Southern State…


A martial artist I know, a man of mature years, call him William, was standing in a bank to cash a check.    Everyone in the bank was black.   Except for two  young customers ahead of him in line, one of whom  began loudly complaining about “all the niggers” in the bank, taking over the bank, and how it had been ruined thereby.


William looked around in shock.  The tellers pretended not to hear. The other customers were nervous.  Some began crying. The security guard pretended not to hear.


So…William walked up to the man, and punched him.  Just once. Dropped him like a rock.

Broke his jaw.

When the police arrived minutes later, the guy was still unconscious.  White cops, I might say.   William was thinking “oh crap. Oh shit.  What have I done?”   They looked at the man on the floor, talked to the customers, then  looked at William, and asked what had happened.

Without blinking, William said: “he was making a terrorist threat.”


The two cops looked at each other ….AND ARRESTED THE MAN ON THE FLOOR.


Get that?


A week later, the guy’s brother in law, a county sheriff, called William.   AND ASKED HIM IF HE WANTED TO PRESS CHARGES.


Are we seeing this picture?  These men were very clearly seeing the situation FROM WILLIAM’S POINT OF VIEW. They extended their own humanity.  They may or may not have wanted William’s son to marry their daughter. But they damned well knew the guy with the broken jaw was in the wrong.


They wanted NOTHING to do with supporting Brokejaw’s perspective or behavior.  Were looking for a way to let the old guy who had clocked the young bigot go free.  They’d taken sides. The right side.


You know, if your grandfather kills someone, it is not your sin.   If you help him bury the body, it is.

These guys weren’t helping to bury the body.


Wow.  LOVE that story.   I cannot imagine this happening fifty years ago.  Just…can’t.  Maybe if they knew William PERSONALLY. Good things happen between human beings who get to know each other.  But when it just…happens?


That’s healing. Good for the cops, and the Sheriff…

And William, of course.   One punch.    Heh heh.





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