The Morning Ritual

THE FOLLOWING IS AN ADAPTATION OF THE MAILING LIST MATERIAL.  IT IS MY COMMITMENT TO GIVE YOU EVERYTHING I CAN, AND EVERYTHING BASIC THAT YOU NEED HERE ON WORDPRESS.   Got a lot more for you.  A phenomenal amount more. The results of FIFTY YEARS of research, teaching, testing.   The “101” is just the cream of all of that.  Trying to get everything out of my heart and out into Cyberspace. At least a year of work.      But…I think I can open your mind to the potential in a week.


The free seven day program is designed to give you the basic building blocks to believe that you can make serious change in five minutes if you have the right strategies.  The “Five minute/Seven Days” is just the minimum buy-in.

I CAN’T DRAG THE MOTIVATION OUT OF YOU.  I’m not a motivator.  I’m a philosopher interested in how human beings can be healthy, happy, loving, contributing, awake, aware adults.

Quite a mouthful…but if you can commit just thirty minutes, half an hour…five minutes a day for six days minimum…You can discover whether I’m “full of it” for yourself. You’ll believe. Then we can roll up our sleeves and get to work.


So now you have basic breathing (Be Breathed), how to apply it to end the negative effects of stress (5MM),  an understanding of ONE way you can organize five minutes to drastically improve daily efficiency (Five Minute Achievement Check) for kids, another way to improve it for adults (RPM), and the simplest, shortest exercise that still provides maximum benefits (Joint Mobility) for health, which is more important than “fitness” but often neglected.


The next is the “Daily Ritual”–we’re putting all this together.  This is done for 5-20 minutes, preferably in the morning, or at night.  If I was in an emergency, and needed to change FAST?  I’d do it morning AND night.


We’ll go into the “M.A.G.I.C.” formula more later, but I want to mention it here:


Magic =

Action X

Gratitude X

Intention X



Magic equals Action times Gratitude times Intention times Conviction.  That means that you need to know:


The ACTIONS you will take on a daily basis.

The Things you are already GRATEFUL for in life.

Your INTENTIONS (goals and outcomes) on a short and long term basis.

Your CONVICTION (faith) that you CAN and SHOULD take these actions and have these results.


Got it?  Now, this can be very difficult if you have a hard time loving and believing in yourself.    So there will be “Pretender voices” in your head, and you may feel like an idiot while you do it. That’s o.k.  Fake it until you make it. We’ll work on helping you access the most powerful positive emotions–you have them, somewhere in your memory.  And just as I still “flinch” when I think about blowing my lines in the school play when I was seven, I still smile when I think about my first REAL kiss, with a girl named Daphnaia, when I was fourteen.    She had a roll of Certs, you see, and I asked her for one, and she gave it to me in the best possible way…

See?  I’m smiling right NOW!

So for these few minutes every day, you are going to shift your emotions, focus, and physical energies so that they are all aligned to accomplish your goals.   Your ONE BIG GOAL should be simple: to perform your MORNING  RITUAL with impeccability.  ONE BIG GOAL.  If you do this thing, these five minutes, you can change your entire life.   Focus ALL your attention on these 300 second.


  1. WHILE MOVING VIGOROUSLY (walking, running, rebounding, Tai Chi, Joint Mobility, etc)
  2. Chant OUT LOUD and focus on the following in the following Order the  pieces of the “M.A.G.I.C.” formula
    1. An affirmation of CONVICTION about  your increasing ability/capacity.   SAMPLE: “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better” is a classic.  Find your own.
    2. An affirmation of GRATITUDE for your past and current blessings.  SAMPLE “I’m SO grateful  for the people who love me and trust me…(name them)”
    3. An affirmation of gratitude for the successful completion of your INTENTIONS short and long term.  SAMPLE:  “I’m SO grateful I was able to help so many people today.  SO grateful for the ten new clients this week…” See it and feel it with the same certainty you have for the things in your past.
    4. An affirmation of CONVICTION that you have everything you need to accomplish your aims with joy.   SAMPLE:   “All I need is within me now. All the energy I need is within me now.  All the commitment I need is within me now…”  etc.   Find your own.


If you know what you need to do TODAY to have a good week, this week to have a good month, this month to have a good year…all you have to focus on is THIS FIVE MINUTES and you set up the first domino.

Make sense?   Are you starting to see how this works?

You may not be able to affect the events of the external world, but if you can do THIS you can control your emotions and actions, and that will start having a great effect, over time.


That’s the beginning.   Take it and run!






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