“Right” hand, “Left” hand

Artists create something they love, and hope they can sell it.    Businesspeople find an existing market and create something for it.  These two positions feel antagonistic. It is why Producers often feel that Writers are children, and Writers feel that producers and publishers are philistines.   They speak different languages.


The trick is to see where the circles (what you want, what the audience wants) overlaps, and write there. The luckiest among us do this instinctively.   But if you don’t, your best bet is to separate out the two: what you want in your left hand, what the market wants in your right.


If you have both (child and adult) you’ll be happy even if they don’t directly connect. The Right hand will give protection to the left, the left gives aliveness to the right.


Eventually, it is wonderful to join them. Refining the Right hand’s understanding allows you to sell and market the artistic production of the Left hand.  The “Child/Left” will feel that sales and marketing is prostitution, violation, ugly and cheap and embarrassing.


The “Right” has to be like a stage mother constantly promoting her “child” while the “child” remains innocent and pure.  Slowly, slowly, they can reach out and integrate.


But…if money is the problem, you need to strengthen the Right hand, empowering it with the Left.


If joy in life is the problem, you need to strengthen the Left hand, protecting it with the Right.


They go together beautifully, like a healthy family, if you will spend time with both.






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