The Seven Day Mental Diet

Make up your mind to devote one week solely to the task of building a new habit of thought, and during that week let everything in life be unimportant as compared with that. If you will do so, then that week will be the most significant week in your whole life. It will literally be the turning’ point for you. If you will do so, it is safe to say that your whole life will change for the better. In fact, nothing can possibly remain the same.

–Emmett Fox, “The Seven Day Mental Diet”


Some time around 1930 Emmett Fox wrote those words.   I don’t remember reading this book when I was a kid, although another of his works, “The Golden Key” was one of my mother’s favorites.   What I’m sure of is that the principles in this pamphlet spread through an entire fabric of other works, so that I can’t identify where I first encountered it.


The point is that we have to focus on the one part of Life’s equation we can always influence: our own perceptions.  Let’s put it this way: we have MORE control over our own perceptions than we will ever have over other people’s actions, or the events in the news.  And if we control our perceptions we can control our emotions, and if we can do that we can motivate actions, and actions change our results.

Total control?  No. But more than ANYTHING outside us, this is the leverage point, the thing we can wake up and go to bed seeking to control.  Invariably, whenever you feel bad, you feel that “life” is OUT of control. That there is a gap between your results and your expectations. That fear and anger are draining your energy and aliveness.


EVERYTHING I teach is about controlling this internal world, healing it, and loving yourself enough to be willing to work as hard for your dreams as you would for your own most beloved child.


The “Seven Day Mental Diet” is an exercise in using everything EVERYTHING you have to be positive for seven days, as a way of breaking your belief that your emotions (and therefore actions) are out of your control.


And it starts with the smallest building block: this moment in time.   Right now.   You control your emotions by controlling focus, physiology, and speech. This is the power of the Morning Ritual.   Invariably, people who are scattered emotionally cannot perform this with regularity. They will NOT set their watches to breathe every three hours.


Why? BECAUSE IF THEY DO, THEY WILL CHANGE.  And if they change, their ego, which has identified with their misery, will die.


Your ego will kill your dreams, your heart, your body, to protect itself.  This will be a fight for you.  And the way through is love.


RULE #1: Love yourself.  That’s where it starts. You HAVE to find a way to do that.    I can offer techniques.  Google is your friend.  However you do it YOU have to take the step of admitting that you want this.  Once you do, you can start breathing and moving and focusing and speaking your truth.


Or…you can do it through sheer will.  Just…decide.


OR…you can make a promise to a friend or family member.   Get a partner and check in with them for seven days.  In fact…I think this is a GREAT idea, if you have such a person.


OR…you can use an “Ancient Child” style meditation, and promise that “Child” self that you will create a safe heart-home for seven days.  And move heaven and earth to keep that promise.


But however you do it…YOU have to take that step.   All the wonderful “techniques” in the world are useless if you cannot start.


Seven Days. Today. This moment.


Please.   Love yourself, and that wonderful child inside you, enough to commit to just one week.   ONE WEEK.


Can you do that for yourself?





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