Finding Your Tribe

I’m doing the next “Hotseat” story analysis next Thursday, November 30th, at 6pm PST.  More information to come.


Here’s the “Late Show” clip of Jordan Peele talking about “Get Out” and sneaking into T’s class. It is instructive to study his history, the road he took to this massive success. All the twists and turns and successes and failures and more than anything, the degree to which he was willing to dig into his own emotions to ask “what do I fear?” and give that to the world.

I don’t believe in talent.  Other than the “talent” of focusing on your goal longer and harder than anyone else, and committing to finding and speaking your truth.    You can run out of “clever.” But the truth will set you free.

download-7.jpgNote that Jordan and Colbert don’t quite “jazz”.  Colbert isn’t returning Jordan’s “serves” and they can’t get a comedic rhythm going.   It is CRITICAL to find family, friends, allies, people with whom you CAN get into that rhythm.    But first–find it within yourself.   Then broadcast to the world your true nature.  From the people who respond, select those with whom you can be yourself.


  1. Love yourself
  2. Love one other person
  3. Understand humanity without guilt, blame, or shame
  4. Find your tribe
  5. Win with integrity and compassion


Get that?    FIRST “know yourself”.   Love yourself.  This will get that little kid inside you to relax and be herself.   The next thing is to love at least one other person, which FORCES you out of your shell, forces you to listen and communicate.   You will run into walls and problems in that intimacy–that is the human condition.   And the next step will be to create some model asking “why?” why does this happen.


Here, it is simple: not everyone is on your wavelength. It’s o.k.  That’s just life.   But to be safe in the world, we need tribe. And that is your next step.  Find your tribe.  You don’t argue with the others, don’t put them down. Wish them well!  They are struggling just like you. They have  the same insecurities. Every one of them has the same goal: to be happy.  And every one of them is taking a different route to that goal, starting from a different point of origin, crossing different territory and moving at different speeds.  They will make different mistakes, and sometimes fall into errors from which they cannot recover.


That is just life.


Your task is to find YOUR rhythm.   Meditation, journaling, simple observation of your mind and emotions and the way you are with others is a massive advantage in this.   Then, if you can find just one other person to bond with, you are blessed.    You have someone to hold and love you, to watch your back. A shoulder to cry on when life beats you down.


And then…from a place of love, seek to understand life itself.   And when you have your position, speak it clearly, loudly, call to your tribe, the ones who can hear your song.


You don’t need the whole world to love you.  But you do need to be loved.





(we’re bringing T’s black horror class to the world  January 13th.    The cut-off point for the live audience will probably be 200 people–we don’t want to stress the webinar platform.  “THE SUNKEN PLACE” is a standing-room-only event at UCLA, and we expect to sell out.  If you’re interested in helping to make history, here’s your link:


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