The Life You Save


I recently had a conversation with a guy who, in rapid-fire fashion, went through a litany of issues, problems.  Health issues were of a concern because they couldn’t afford better treatment.    Career options were limited because of financial squeeze, inability to travel due to lack of a car, difficulty financing educational opportunities.  This and that and the other were problems…and the cause was the same 80% of the time: lack of finances.


I said that he needed to make money a focus of his planning.  And…he insisted that money didn’t matter. That mattered was being with friends, helping people.  That everything was working out.


In a couple of years I’ll see him again.  And I’m betting right here and now that he’ll have the exact same story.  There will be opportunities. Lots of people are impressed with him. This or that friend is about to make a real breakthrough and bring them along. And by the way, they are having trouble making the rent, affording their medical bills, providing transportation.  Likely enough there will be friends and relatives in distress that he would like to help with their bills, or wish he could travel to be with them…but its too expensive.


And if I remind him again that maybe, just maybe, he should look at his attitudes about money, he’ll insist that money doesn’t matter to him.  What he cares about is self expression.  Helping people.


It’s painful to watch.  Seen people, good people, smart people, energetic people, run around in circles like this until they get old and tired and discouraged, looking out at the world, from aging eyes, wondering where they went wrong.


They helped people…why isn’t anyone helping them?  They visualized the life they wanted, why didn’t the Law of Attraction work for them?


And too often, they come to one of two conclusions:  They were never meant to have it.   Or, “people suck.”


How about another option: part of them never resolved their negative attitudes about money.  Money meant something ugly and negative to them.   They never aligned their child, parent, and grandparent aspects about money.


The child has the vision and energy and creativity.

The grandparent has the ultimate values.

The parent navigates the adult world…and in the adult world, NOTHING takes the place of money in the arenas in which money works.  Nothing.


Not friends or family or people you trade massages with.  Money is no more than the value you provide for you, and the degree to which others agree that it is valuable, and respond to your firm commitment to be rewarded for your excellence.  It is a symbol of trust between strangers.


If someone anchored pain to this: if you heard your parents arguing about money.  Saw a parent kill themselves working for a company that didn’t reward them.   IF you ever had a boss abuse or harass you.  If you are an artist, and the idea of studying sales and marketing is anathema to you.  If you believe that power and money corrupt.


If you have any beliefs that stop you from expressing and harnessing your creative energy and taking it into the world, finding the people who need what you and you alone can provide  and demanding what you are worth…aligning every step with your deepest spiritual values…


Someone damaged you.  And however true that might be, and how unfair it sounds, it is YOUR responsibility to heal it.  No one can reach into your heart and do it for you.


The “Ancient Child” approach is to imagine that you have an helpless infant, and there is no one to provide but you.  If you shuck off the responsibility of caring for that child on your friends or family, you are not an adult and shouldn’t have been having sex.  Pretty clear IMO.   In this case, you are not taking responsibility for your actions and emotions.  “They” will take care of you.  “They” will provide.


You are putting others in the “parent” position over you, insisting on remaining in the “child” position.  Until you stop, and ask where the wounds are, and commit to healing them, nothing will happen.


It starts with admitting that there is a problem. Then, you can focus on the actions that will heal.  Research the therapies or disciplines that will heal, the meditations or visualizations or whatever you need to ask where you got the negative beliefs and emotions, and whether you are willing to set yourself free.


It’s up to you, you know.  The “Morning Ritual” is a way of exploring this in just 30 minutes.  Seriously.  If you won’t give yourself that chance, you have no right to complain about anything related to money, or the adult world. And your child, your dreams, are in serious trouble.


Please.  If these words speak to you, just go to and get your free 7-day course.


The life you save may be your own.






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