Oprah is not your Mommy



I’m sorry, but this lady doesn’t get it. Oprah has a ton of “Mommy” energy, but she is NOT your mommy. If you don’t understand that there is nothing wrong with ASKING people to perform for free, that it is YOUR responsibility to say “No.  THIS is why it is in your best interest to pay me. This is the value I bring that no one else can” then you aren’t playing an adult game. Things like money and sex are ADULT games.


Children dance in the living room and their family cheers and hugs them.  That kid inside you is going to be eaten by the world if you don’t develop an “adult” side that can sit at the table with adults and NEGOTIATE.     “I want a life in which people are not asked to work for free—by people who can totally afford to pay.”


TRANSLATION: I want to stay a child.


This person is going to be terribly disappointed by life. They will blame others for their lack of success, and probably be devastated by failed relationships.


Why?  Because they don’t recognize that they are asking other people to be their Mommies and Daddies.  They don’t grasp how selfish they are. I damaged my first marriage by asking my wife to be more of the “adult” in the relationship than I was.  “Protect my space while I dance! I’m so cute and smart!”


Well, she wanted to dance, too. She was cute and smart too. It was pure immature selfishness on my part.


In the adult arenas…be a @#$$ adult.   Otherwise, you’ll dance for hugs.






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