Why and How lines were drawn

I’ve said a few times that there were two things that, together, stopped me from even considering voting for Trump.   They were

1) his lack of public service experience within a chain of command, and

2) his Birtherism.

It seemed that people felt that there were other more egregious issues.  Could be.  All I know is that when he started talking about running, I began paying attention to him in a way I hadn’t before, and those were the first two things that came to my attention, and they were enough.  While other things certainly registered, those two popped the circuit breaker.

Why?  What did they tell me?  What did I extract from them separately and together?

With Birtherism, I start with the assumption that Birther believers are either low-IQ or so crazy/emotionalized they cannot crunch information. As I don’t think he is stupid, nor did I think him crazy or hyperemotionalized, I assume he was using it as a tactic.

  1. “Birther” supporting therefore led me to believe he was
    1. Liar/dishonest
    2. Manipulator
    3. Ruthless
    4. Willing to use the worst and ugliest human tendencies to get what he wants
    5. Whipping crowds into a frenzy with these ugly emotions. Dangerous as a rattler in the cradle.
    6. Willing to hurt children (birtherism stokes racism, increased racism WILL lead to another Trayvon). That is EVIL.
    7. No apparent real beliefs in anything other than “‘Trump is the best”, which makes him easily manipulated by people who praise him.
  2. His Lack of experience led me to conclude he
    1. Has a “Born on third base and thought he hit a triple” unrealistic self image.
    2. is Spiteful/vengeful  (seemed to go after it partially in revenge for Obama’s jokes at the correspondent’s dinner. I watched his face.  If so, that implies someone who thinks he can insult the President, but how DARE the President insult the Donald.  Not healthy)
    3. Is Childishly impatient and immature.
    4. Watching the crowds told me he had a Sky-High EQ, which in combination with the other factors makes him unnerving charisma to a certain sort of person.
    5. Willing to screw with the democratic political system for personal gain.


There’s more.  But I think that’s enough, don’t you?  Additional data can be pulled from the WAY he ran, subsequent to my first impressions, but long before election:

1) his labeling of political opponents (“crooked Hillary”)

2) encouraging violence at his ralleys

  1. Disjointed “word salad”
  2. Mocking the disabled  (“punching down” bad tendency for people with power.  Extreme lack of empathy.
  3. Misogyny


I could go into post-Inauguration blues, but lets just say I’ve seen nothing to correct my initial impression based on those first two pieces of information.  Pretty bad set of character traits.  And the “shithole” comment was the last straw for a LOT of people.   I think that’s a good thing.







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