Train’s leaving the station

For the record, it wasn’t the “shithole nations” comment that flipped the next switch in my head. I didn’t expect any different from him. It was the White House response that their “base” would understand. That is normalizing a particular kind of rhetoric that leads to raving horror. Anyone who accepts this, given the slightest understanding of history, would never be able to say “I didn’t know this was going to happen” with a straight face. Time for good Americans to make a course correction.


Look at the people still defending him.  Take a look at their FB pages. Their other statements about the world. Their friend’s lists.  See if you see a pattern, ask yourself what that pattern is, and then if you want to be a part of that. Really, the evidence is right in front of you, all you have to do is dig a little.  I love Facebook, I really do.


(Sleeping Child–>Sleeping Adult)–> Awakened Adult


Waking in any arena means popping out of the “Matrix”.  Politics is one such dream world.  The deeper level is philosophy.  What would these people have to believe about the world, or the basic nature of humanity, to have these views once you see the vector of action and thought?  Carried to its logical conclusion, where does that train go?


There really is a fork in the track here.  And its not about Conservative and Liberal, Republican or Democrat.  Goes deeper than that, to questions about who we are as a people, a nation, a species.


Your decisions matter.  No one can tell you who you are, but you better the hell realize that every action you take defines you more deeply. Are you driven by fear or love?  Do you believe we are expressions of the divine, or do you see only the muck?  Do you love yourself and extend that love to others?


Which “track” is the White House on?  The longer you wait to decide, the greater the momentum, and the further from the other track it gets.  If you like the people, the “tribe” you’ll have by the time it gets over the horizon, stay on board.


The rest of us have a different destination.







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