Why Balance?

I am sure there are means of personal evolution that do not involve “balance” as I define it.  Too many images exist of elevated saints, truly wonderful human beings who were clearly in denial of the physical form.  I honor that.   But I promote the notion of balance because it is the safest way to put “safety rails” on your progress.  There are simply too many observable cases of people who made world-class performance physically but were broke and couldn’t keep relationships together. Too many very fine husbands and wives who are broke and in terrible shape. Too many wealthy people who are in bad shape and have a string of shattered marriages.   But show me someone who has all three together, and their chances of hurting themselves through neglect of human basics is very low.


A similar reality is behind my thoughts on race. That we cannot move forward as a species without the entire human race. Lies and vile myths about this or that group, prejudices and petty hatreds and victim-blaming is pushing one of the colors out of the rainbow. If you want to get back to the core light, the energy that existed prior to striking the prism of human experience, we have to embrace the totality.


As with individuals, so with society as a whole. As with society as a whole, so with individuals.


I’m not saying there are not other paths. I’m sure there are. But this one is mine, and I’m prepared to draw a line in the sand and fight for it.






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