If I Were King of the World…

One day, I might get the chance to make one change in the way kids are taught.  One opportunity. This is connect to the “what would you do if you had 100 million dollars.”

Let’s say I was creating such a program for a novel. I don’t have to worry about the politics, only the question of whether it works.

Well, I think with about ten million dollars you could change the culture, by creating a basic program for inner-city kids.  Others would be welcome to use it, but they would be the focus.  Frankly…I might focus on inner city GIRLS, specifically.   That might be an even more precise focus, so long as they didn’t start hallucinating that they were better than boys, which is a problem: everybody wants to rule the world.


IF I did that, my focus would be:

  1. On inner-city, disproportionately POC kids, and their allies.
  2. On girls, and their allies.

Is there anybody NOT in one of those two groups I’m prepared to cry over?  Nope.


So if I was to create  a program to change the country, I’d teach something generative.  It would have to have influence in all major aspects of life.  Do a simple practice, get a larger result.


It would need to have the BENEFITS of meditation without being called meditation.  “Intermittent Fasting” wouldn’t be a part of this program: I have no information about its effects on children, and wouldn’t want to promote the notion.  But the “Goal Setting” portion would include physical, which includes diet.  There would need to be generative aspects for study, finances, relationships, diet, and more.     All encoded in the “Morning Ritual”.


The program would be designed to:

  1. Need little/no equipment
  2. Be teachable without highly trained personelle. Cut and paste. Plug and play
  3. Cover all basic physical fitness
  4. Be scalable at both ends (high and low fitness)
  5. Teach basic meditation techniques without calling it “meditation”
  6. Stress relief
  7. Focus
  8. Have rapid academic and sports benefits, to increase motivation
  9. Be easily trackable and measurable in effects
  10. Be fun
  11. Easy to learn
  12. Teachable via website
  13. A dash of yin-yang balance somehow, so that the girls would see gender in a broader non-competitive context.
  14. Be flexible.  People WILL need to change things. So…a primary central core, but adaptations suggested.
  15. Be strong. People will TRY to change things they are not comfortable with, things that would actually cause positive change but frighten their egos.  So I would have to resist the constant attempts to change and weaken the program.
  16. All the elements would be easy to research.  There would need to be easily available resources for further study, and those who did such study would be richly rewarded.
  17. Ultimate, it would have to pull them into the core questions: “who am I?” and “what is true?”
  18. To summerize: short, powerful, effective, easy to learn, easy to modify to make easier OR harder.
  19. Gamification.  Can be practiced either competitively or non-competitively.
  20. What other basic aspects can you sugggest?

Current program:

  1. Five Tibetans
  2. Joint Mobility
  3. Morning Ritual

What BASIC needs do you think I should consider?





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