An important request for my fellow Americans


All right, I consider that any good American citizen should be alarmed by this.  But also know that politics makes otherwise reasonable people unreasonable.


I am deliberately phrasing this message as neutrally as possible. Why?  Because there is NOTHING that would make the Russians happier than Americans fighting politically in the front yard while they sneak in the back door.


“Let’s you and him fight,” a tactic made famous by Transactional Analysis and endless Popeye cartoons (watch Olive carefully) is wonderfully Sun Tzu.  You don’t storm a castle, you divide the enemy forces by making them mistrust the very bonds that connect them.


So…some thoughts in order,  BECAUSE THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT FOR BULLSHIT, or even crafting a really careful essay.


  1. Let’s not name names here.  NO names. We can say “The President” and “The Russians”.  Names focus emotion.
  2. Let’s assume no conscious perfidy on the part of any Americans, because that discussion instantly tears up the front yard.  Instead, JUST for the purpose of this exercise, assume the following, because the potential for disaster if true and unaddressed is simply too large.  ONLY people capable of suspending that, just for this conversation, can participate.
  3. Players are those who can assume the following, JUST for the purpose of this discussion.  Those who cannot play by those rules will be deleted.
  4. Assume it happened.  It is REAL.  That the Russians tried to interfere with our last election, and are trying to interfere with future elections as well.
  5. The threat is SERIOUS.  Leave for another discussion whether it was already effective.   This is important: politics will instantly enter the discussion if you say it already did, or definitely didn’t. I’m interested in a different discussion.
  6. The threat is ONGOING
  7. The question is this: Given the first three, HOW SHOULD AMERICA RESPOND?   How should the President respond?  What should our position be?


Most valuable in this discussion would be those who voted for our current president, still support him, but see a serious threat to the integrity of our electoral process.   If any of you will come forward and offer thoughts (remember: not “did it happen” but assuming it did, whether or not you believe it influenced the past election, but acknowledging that it could affect future events) that would be valuable.  Attacks on them, so long as they play by the rules, will be deleted.


Because…this should be a concern to all Americans.  My attitude?


We should 100% support a totally transparent bipartisan Manhattan Project level investigation. Trust our intelligence agencies.  And be willing to be open to the conclusions NO MATTER WHERE THEY LEAD, so far as they are supported and documented.  Every American should be watching this, prepared for our preconceptions to be proven right or wrong…but trust the men and women who have sworn to protect this country.



That would be my recommendations.  Now…I ask for yours.



My countrymen, this shit is serious.  Wake up.



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