Ever considered being a coach?

Six years ago, I was in Atlanta, separated from about 50% of my income stream. It was terrifying, seriously.  All I wanted to do was support my family in an honorable fashion.  But the situation had caused massive fear, with the attendant confusion and depression.


The following is an embarrassing truth: I saw no way out, and at one point was curled on the floor crying, the entire map of my life, created in childhood, shattered. Destroyed. I was lost.


So…the first thing I had to do was change my state.  I didn’t know if there was an answer, but did know that I wasn’t in a state where I could see an answer, even if it was dangling right over my head.


The Morning M.A.G.I.C. program came directly out of this, the realization that if I could use ALL the tools of positive emotion SIMULTANEOUSLY, my depression and confusion couldn’t win.


So that was the start, and the program I created for myself is fantastic and available at www.morningwriters.com




But once I had found my balance, and was able to ask questions without being crippled by fear and shame and anger, the big question was:  “what can I do to earn money legally?”


It needed to:

  1.  be something with serious profit potential.
  2. Something that played to my strengths and (hopefully) interests
  3. Something that I could do from Atlanta, where I had no contacts
  4. Something I could control, where my efforts would relate directly to my results
  5. Something where I needed no specific person or organization to support me, so that no one could tell me “no” and make it stick.


I wrote these questions down (ALWAYS do this kind of brainstorming on paper or your computer.  NEVER in your head.) and puzzled over them.  Finally I tried something that has never failed: locked myself in a room with nothing but food and water, and didn’t let myself out until I had an answer.   Never had a problem that that approach didn’t resolve.


All day I puzzled over it, turning it over and around in my mind, looking at the problem and brainstorming answers and discarding them.


And then it hit me: Coaching.   Did I have something to teach?  My opinion didn’t matter as much as the comments of others over the years who had attended workshops, lectures, and classes of mine.  My approach to writing, life, and martial arts had attracted attention, and I’d made sushi money over the years by pretending to be professional about it.


But…what if I got serious?  What would I do?  How would I start?


I leveraged social media to promote my new business, fumbled my way through price structures and access (phone, email and Skype) and…


In the first year, starting from scratch, I made SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.   I was shocked, really.  Didn’t believe it until T did the taxes. And that opened a whole new world.


Years passed, and the business matured until it was taking too much time from my writing, thereby decreasing my pleasure of life. So…that was when I decided to begin to take the lessons from life and writing (and…”Lifewriting”) and sell them as courses.  Invest the time up front, then sell them on “automatic.”  It worked…when the perception of value exceeded perception of cost.


Do YOU have expertise in something?  Teach school? Raise children?   Meditate?  Build a business?  Go camping?  Travel?   Cook? Garden?  ANYTHING that other people are interested in?


Specifically, do you now have knowledge you would have paid to have twenty years ago?  If so, all you have to do is find a “tribe” of people with similar values, communicate the worth of your offering, and set up your business.


That was my approach, and it was fumble-thumbed, but sincere. And…it worked.


But there is a better way, and I’ll tell you about it in just a few days.




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