Sharing Your Wealth

When I was a kid, I wanted just three things: to be a writer, a martial artist, and to have a family to love and protect.


The problem is that I knew no writers, and everyone around me said it wasn’t possible.

The problem was that I was small and weak, a nerd with no athletic ability, filled with fear and doubt.

The problem was that my mother and father had divorced by the time I was six or seven, and she never remarried. Therefore, I had no role model of what a man was supposed to be.  And without being a good man, I would never find, attract, and hold a good woman.


So I searched, everywhere, at any cost in money, time, or energy.   I was TERRIFIED that I wouldn’t be able to reach my dreams, and that if I didn’t the world would chew me up and spit me out.


And slowly, slowly I began to find the clues.  I met people who were successful in one of those three fields, and would do as they said.


I remember in karate class when Steve Muhammad (then “Steve Sanders”) would work us half to death, and as we struggled and sweated and ached, he would say over and over again: “if you can learn karate, you can learn history, or math, or anything else. If you can earn a black belt, you can graduate college, get a good job…be a good PERSON.”


He wasn’t primarily about creating fighters (although he damned well did, some of the best in the world). He was about creating MEN and WOMEN who could stand tall, protect their communities, fulfill their dreams.


He was, and is, one hell of a coach.   And because he walked his talk, I trusted his words.  Believed. And…there was a hint there. That excellence in one area could lead to excellence in others.


I began to ask different questions: what was there about writing that related to martial arts? What about martial arts related to relationships?  What about relationships that related to writing?


What was the burning core of all three, that generalized essence which created mastery?  Was such a thing possible?  Could I find it?


I’ve pursued this question all my life, and what happened is that:

  1. I got EVERYTHING I ever wanted from life as a child, and I owed it all to the men and women who had actually had successful writing careers, become advanced martial artists, or had healthy loving passionate relationships for twenty years.
  2. I didn’t have to reach their level in ANY of them before people started asking me how I did it.  And…were willing to pay me to find out!


Get that?  You are hypnotized by the glamour and glory of those ahead of you…but don’t realize that you have your own accomplishment. Are mapping your own road. And that those who are interested in your path will be interested in your journey.


And that if you can guide them along that path, they will exchange their time and energy for yours.   That’s called MONEY.


In other words, a kid in Jr. High can coach an elementary school kid.  A high schooler coach a Jr. High kid. A college kid a High School kid. And on and on, like a Green Belt can coach a white belt.  Or someone who has published a single book can teach a Learning Tree class in writing.


YOU HAVE USEFUL KNOWLEDGE RIGHT NOW.  If you have raised children, taught school, navigated a career, found love, survived loss or healed a friendship…


If you know how to cook, clean, garden, lose weight, cope with stress, sell a story, gain muscle, or anything else people care about, YOU HAVE USEFUL KNOWLEDGE.


Someone, somewhere, would look up to you. Would think you are further down the road.  And if you can honestly guide them, you can bring value to the world…and create a new career for yourself.


Think about it: what do YOU know?  And if you don’t have anything, what would you LIKE to know? Because if you learn how to be a coach, the structure itself is a massive value, which can be filled with almost any kind of human knowledge, so long as people value it.


Do you have useful skills?  Are you willing to work to gain them?   If the answer is “yes”, you have the most basic quality you need on the path that saved me seven years ago in Atlanta.  And you’re going to want to pay close attention to a free gift that’s  coming in the next few days.


Share your wealth!


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