Equality or Bust

I talk about faith-based arguments. That’s because at the core, any argument dealing with the nature of human beings cannot be totally proven with logical, deductive reasoning. Ultimately, there is an element of “best guess” involved. People decide on a position, see if their world fits from that perspective, and usually then go on with their lives.

When it comes to this arena, in both race and gender, I find that starting with the assumption of equality produces fewer errors…and less horrific ones. Without thinking that everything can always be logically understood from that position…that is the hil I’m prepared to die on,  at least partially because the results of the other position have caused unspeakable grief to millions, right here in America. I won’t give aid and comfort to that toxic stew. This is why yesterday I asked specifically: “Has anything that I’ve ever said about either issue been incompatible with equality?”  Because if there was, I’d want to know it, see it, and hammer at it to see if I can disprove it.


No one mentioned anything directly.  However, I saw something interesting: there were a couple of people who disagreed with some of my past and present conclusions. That’s fine. But you know what?   In either case it seemed to me, based on past discussions, that these were people who struggle to believe in equality.  It’s a reverse discrimination thing: they are afraid their OWN group are the crazier, less moral and worthy ones.


Which led me to a suspicion, one I will test over the coming months: I suspect that what I’m saying ONLY makes sense if you start with equality as a basic assumption.  And that’s tough.  As the song goes, “everybody wants to rule the world.”   “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”  (Note: I didn’t say: “if you believe in equality you will accept my conclusions.”  I said “to accept my conclusions, you must believe in equality.”  Not the same statements.  All X are Y, but not all Y are X.)


Black people are as likely to consider themselves superior as white people. Women as likely to consider themselves superior as men.  Whatever percentage of “The Other” you consider, at the core, evil or stunted…look in the mirror.


In both cases, MOST cases, it is hidden behind smiles, PC talk, euphemisms and distractions.   But its there.  And it is natural. And toxic.  And wants to point the finger and claim that the poison is in the OTHER guy, so that they don’t have to clean up their own puke.  “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”


Cleaning your own house isn’t hard. So just redefine the words and point your finger, and there you go.


So…warning.  I don’t buy that, won’t play that.   I honestly believe I see something that has been in a cultural/social blind spot for thousands of years, something that can open the doors to a new way for human beings to relate to each other.  But ONLY people willing to come from a position of equality will see what I’m saying.    That’s o.k.  There are enough of us.


If I am correct about this (and of course I may not be), it is huge.  What an amazing species we are, really.   I’ll be sharing my thoughts.  Already started.  It will get more intense, and it will be fascinating to watch and see who “gets it” and who doesn’t.  I won’t try to convince anyone, but will be willing to explain my position. Those who agree will agree. Those who don’t…I ask them to dig down and see if I’m right: that on a deep, core level, you really don’t believe we’re equal, even if you give lip service to it.


And friends…if you don’t?  You are playing the same game as the others who don’t, whether or not they are elevating or castigating ‘their own’ team.  IT DOESN’T MATTER.  It’s the same error.


And leads off the same cliff.






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