Another Success Story! You’re Next!

“Hey, I wanted you to know that the story I wrote during the class I took with y’all (a few years back) is up on Apex Magazine’s site. It’s called “A Siren’s Cry is a Song of Sorrow”. (The writing prompt was write about something you never told anyone.) Thanks so much for the class. It was really useful for me!”–Stina Leicht


Do you have any idea how happy it makes us to get letters like this?  THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT.   Helping writers raise their game.   That means:

  1. If you’ve never finished a story…finish one.
  2. If you’re blocked, unblock
  3. If you’ve never submitted, submit.
  4. If you’ve never sold…sell.
  5. If you aren’t selling regularly…do so.
  6. If you want to constantly improve your craft…do so.
  7. If you want to enjoy the process more…ENJOY IT!


No one can promise you will become Stephen King or J.K. Rowlings.   But what we CAN do is get you on the path to writing, finishing, submitting, publishing, improving.   GUARANTEED.


I was an unpublished, unhappy newbie, my guts churning every time I asked a friend to read my work, every time I submitted.  It was PAIN. Real, deep, aching agony…mixed with hope and enough faith to keep me going.  Then one day I found a mentor, and everything changed.


T and I have mentored countless writers, but we are searching for ways to help more of you, without it draining our own precious energy and time. The solution is posts, free webinars, and low-cost educational experiences, live and downloadable.  This seems to be the best mix we can offer.


For the next year, we’ll be doing weekly webinars hammering in the “Sentence a day to a book a year” approach. In November we’ll focus on the “Nanowrimo” contest, but in October we’ll focus on writing a spooky story.


And T and I will be holding your hand and walking you through the entire process, from initial idea to finished, polished product.  I’m aiming this squarely at a younger version of ME, as T is aiming it at a younger version of herself.


If this sounds like you…if you want to create your own work, or are fascinated by the creative process and want to get a deep, deep look inside…JOIN US starting this Saturday at 3pm Pacific, every Saturday until November 3rd (there will be one break).   I’ve never ever heard of anyone doing something like this–you will give us the core ideas, and we will develop them LIVE. You’ll hear us fight and fuss.   You’ll have dynamic links to the documents themselves, to actually watch the work in progress.


It’s gonna be messy: creativity is not a pretty sight. But I’m willing to be vulnerable.  Are you willing to show up?   Sign up today!


See you Saturday!


Write with Passion!


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