Jewel Barnett said THIS of Saturday’s brainstorming session, where Tananarive and I are writing a story in a month with a sentence a day, starting TOMORROW:


This was so epic!!  I was so amazed at how everything flowed and the learning and sharing was definitely out of this world!”


There will be 3 more Saturday sessions, and you can join any time, as the previous sessions will be made available (hey, I’m taking today off.  Don’t bug me!).  You can still sign up at: www.lifewrite.com


What is our immediate goal? To construct a story right in front of you, based on your prompts. T and I have identified two possibilities, and I’ll explore them tomorrow.  You’ll get a link to the document on which the brainstorming is happening–at least one sentence, I promise you.


What is the better  goal? A REALLY good, solid, but realistic goal?  We SELL the story.  And document the process. What do we have then?  A record of a story, from concept to publication.


And what would be PERFECT?  (Hey…I’m not only on a tightrope, but there are SHARKS in that pool down there!):  Not just selling, but winning an award.   Hey, I can dream.


If THAT happens, which cannot be predicted…then we have a document unique in the history of writing instruction, and it will be an utterly amazing course.   Following the creation of a story from inception to completion to publication to celebration. Every step detailed and “exploded” so you can see our thoughts and approaches.


Can you even IMAGINE how valuable that would be? That is so exciting to me. My perfect student is ME, 40 years ago.  THAT kid.   And if I could create something like this and send it back in a bottle, can you even IMAGINE how I would change his life?  Holy crap.   I can feel THAT juice!


Would YOU like to read over his shoulder as he learns? Then help us create this.   Join us.  Participate and create your own story  using the tools we’re going to lay out for you. And…have just too much fun watching us tiptoe above the sharks.



Write with passion!



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