Happy Halloween! And…don’t be scared, there’s still a little time left for your own “Treat”!


Happy Halloween!   Hope you are prepared for the goblins and ghosts and princesses and pirates that will be storming your fortress!


And while you are doling out sweets for the kiddies, I hope you have the most important “sweetness” in your own life: love.   Twenty-five years ago I was overweight, alone and broke, living in an apartment in Vancouver Washington a thousand miles away from my friends. It was horrific.  And today I am successful, in terrific shape, and just celebrating my 20th anniversary (August 1st) with my wonderful partner Tananarive.  While “Lifewriting” has always dealt with the balanced life, we’ve never taught a live class specifically on how two lonely geeks found each other in this world.


That is about to change, as we’ll be teaching the “Geek’s Guide to Soulmates” class in January.   Until midnight tonight we can guarantee a special VERY low price on this, as you guys will be our early adopters, and actually help us understand what you need to heal, love yourselves, and attract the love of your life.   We’ll be sending along the preliminary pieces over the next weeks, but you will be able to start IMMEDIATELY with our “Geek’s Guide” private social media group, and the classic “Ancient Child” self-healing program, yours free as part of the package.


If you would like to find that love and healing, please go to www.geeksguidetosoulmates.com and take advantage of this amazing offer, and be part of the historic class in January.  The clock is ticking!






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