Finding and Feeling Thanks

Went to see “Creed II” last night, and it was very good.   But what was most important was that I saw it with my family.  I sat between Tananarive and Nicki, who had come up from San Diego on her way to dinner with her Mom and Paso Robles relations.   Jason, who had finished half his vacation homework, was sitting in the back of the theater with his friend Jayden.


Surrounded by family, all of us healthy and doing well, happy, realizing I was about to watch a movie I’d probably enjoy (heck, I enjoyed the last seven!) I great sense of contentment…THANKS…settle over me.


Gratitude.  One of the four most important components of the ‘MAGIC” Formula:  (Magic = Action X Gratitude X Intention X Conviction.)


Without ALL of them, you cannot be the best you can be.  There are inner and outer outcomes, goals, desires.  Happiness is the most critical, because as long as you are unhappy and in pain, the world seems a pale and narrow place. Stress crushes the warmth from life.


Take today to make a list, mental or written, of all the things you have to be grateful for in life.   If you think “nothing”, ask yourself if you would be unhappy if you lost your eyes or capacity to read.  If you had no internet access or food in your refrigerator.   If you had only a month to live, how sad would you be for the lost days?


If ANY of those are true…what is the logic of not giving thanks for them?   Especially as gratitude is one of the core elements to improving the quality of your life?


All we need to do to increase the power of our existence is to:


Take more ACTION


Clarify our INTENTIONS

Increase our CONVICTION that we CAN and SHOULD have our dreams


To this end, take every opportunity in life to increase your store of any of these, and so long as you don’t have a “zero” in any category…you’ll see your life blossom.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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