“The Prodigy” (2019)

The mother wonders: is the eight year old boy she brought into the world really her son?  Has she glimpsed another, older, leering presence hiding in his cherubic face?  Is his advanced intellect and stunted emotions indicative of genius, or something far more disturbing? And when her frustrated husband leaves the house, and her child appears in her bedroom at night and asks “can I sleep with you Mommy..?” and crawls into her bed…


What in the world is she supposed to think and feel?




A middling entry in the “evil child” genre, what we have here is the tale of a serial killer who dies at the same moment a child is born, and transfers his soul into another body. There, the two souls battle for possession of the body, while his loving parents struggle first to understand what is happening as the boy acts with increasing lethality and damage, and then to believe the ideas presented to them, and then to decide what to do and how to do it.


By the numbers, but still engaging if you buy into the notion, I enjoyed “Prodigy” without overly respecting it. The  kid actor, Jackson Robert Scott, does a very nice job balancing positive and negative aspects.  And the best scene isn’t a scene of violence but rather the encounter between the possessed child and an expert in past-life regression. Yerch.


But ultimately, we’ve seen this sort of thing before, and there isn’t anything really new here.  I also have some problems with the father’s behavior, which seemed manipulated by author convenience so that they could have the final scene between mother and child alone.  But…like I said, I enjoyed it.




The one thing that works beautifully about “The Prodigy” is how fast they pull you into the story IF YOU BELIEVE THE PREMISE.  Reading reviews, I got the sense that a number of viewers were sitting in the “Its only a movie” position, and criticizing instead of experiencing.


Why?  Because the premise is horrifying. And because anyone who has ever had kids has had the experience of wondering what the #$%% is happening with them.  What has posssessed the sweet little darlings.  As a parent you get tired, and stressed, and scared, and see no answers.   “Parenting isn’t hard” a grandmother once said.  “It’s just daily.”


The bond to those children is critical…and so is the bond between the parents themselves.  A healthy marriage raises the chances of those children surviving and thriving. In the sense that human life exists to perpetuate itself, the human pair bond instinct, that combination of love and sexual passion, is one of the most powerful human drives.  Considering the number of people who have died protecting their families, or totally changed their dreams and ambitions to provide food and shelter, one could make an argument that it is even stronger than individual survival.


Love, sex, and faith in a shared future creates a massive overload, shorting out other thought and creating obsessive behavior. You REALLY need to be careful in who you allow access to this “wiring” in your head and heart, because it is so damned powerful.


On a physiological/psychological level, it is the doorway to the “Soulmate” experience, a level of passion and connection strong enough to create a bond that will survive a lifetime of extreme stress.   And it seems to be independent of whether the lovers are gay or straight, or even whether or not they have or want children. The WIRING is there, and when you respect it (even if not yielding to it) it can guide you.


Is your potential partner healthy?   Energetic?  A problem-solver?  Honest?  Have a good sense of humor?  Passionate? Compassionate?   Creative?  Emotionally stable?   Forgiving?  Strong and protective?  Nurturing?


Aren’t all of these characteristics things you would want in a partner, whether you are raising a child or not? Of course they are. And the more of them the partner is missing, the more likely you are to have problems.


And the most beautiful thing? Approached correctly, the mating drive motivates you to be a better, stronger, healthier person whether you are looking for, or in, a relationship or not.   These characteristics also make a healthy individual.


If you would like to look more deeply into the SOULMATE PROCESS, the five-week class starts this Saturday the 16th.  TOTALLY FREE as we learn what we need to communicate this life-changing concept that begins with loving yourself so deeply that you are willing to settle for nothing less than the best, and are totally happy alone if need be.


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