The Lifewriting Year Long Program

Steven Barnes - Lifewriting Program.

Lifewriting…changes recreation into restoration, and allows us to decipher the collective wisdom of mankind (no small feat!). It it the ultimate interpreter for the language of personal myth.

Mike Sargent, writer, filmmaker, radio personality (WBAI “Nightshift”)

The Lifewriting Year Long Program is a unique writing course, offering the sum total of over 30 years of professional writing by acclaimed and award-winning novelist and screenwriter, Steven Barnes. Barnes compiled all of his experiences, expertise, and lessons learned from writing and publishing books nominated for Hugo, Nebular, and Cable Ace Awards, winning Emmys and the Endeavor Award, into a year-long writing course for you, the learning writer.

For 30 years, I have toiled in the trenches, creating bestselling books, and one of the things you have to understand is that I never had any confidence in my ability to craft a career on talent alone. In fact I DON’T REALLY BELIEVE IN TALENT. I believe in honesty and hard work, over time.

I’ve been obsessed with digging deeper and deeper into the question of who am I studying every self-improvement discipline I could find, challenging myself by jumping out of airplanes, walking on hot coals, kickboxing, teaching and lecturing, swimming with dolphins, broiling in sweat lodges, and anything I could find that would give me a fingernail fragment’s more insight into my psyche and wiring.

Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours sharing that knowledge, my school of hard knocks, with writers, lecturing on story telling, myth, the Hero’s Journey, and human consciousness, as well as the nuts-and-bolts of practical, selling writing. I have taught at UCLA and Seattle University, lectured at USC, Mensa, the Pasadena Jet Propulsion Lab, the Smithsonian Institute, the Clarion Science Fiction Workshop, and the Maui Writer’s Conference.

Over the years, thousands of students begged me to put my core teachings — a trademarked, unique approach called “Lifewriting” — down in a book or course, and I’d never really done it. I’ve been a part of the publishing industry long enough to know that they see writing either in the structural sense OR the internal psychological/spiritual sense, but never both. I’ve watched so hopeful writers floundering through the maze of mediocre advice that it is actually depressing.

I decided that it was time to empty out my head and make certain my hard-won knowledge would be available to everyone who really wanted to learn.

The Goals of the Lifewriting Program

For Steven Barnes, the goals in developing the program were:

  • The course had to be complete. In other words, YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY ANYTHING ELSE.
  • It had to be simple: Just follow the instructions.
  • It had to be filled with hundreds of the very best exercises and ideas, things you won’t find in any other book on writing–as well as the best wisdom that currently exists.
  • It had to demand that the student create genuinely finished product. You may be surprised at my suggestions in this arena. Whether you want to write novels, screenplays, plays, or whatever, this approach is the “fast track” to writing success, and will skyrocket your skill so fast you won’t recognize your own work!
  • It had to imprint the basic skills of storytelling on your subconscious–otherwise you will never release your true artistic drive…you’ll be too busy trying to remember your lessons!
  • It had to be flexible. Each student starts at a different place, has different needs and capacities. It needs to respect them all.
  • It had to deal with the fears and anxieties all writers face at one time or another, writer’s block, rejection, impatience, self-doubt, and gain the strength to keep going, pushing through all of the obstacles in your way, while finding balance in a healthy artistic and personal life.
  • It had to be appropriate for both literary/academic writers, and those who want a commercial career.

The Lifewriting Year Long Program

Lifewriting is a process by which you link the internal and external worlds of the writer, so that everything you learn in life automatically makes you a better storyteller, and everything you write automatically makes you a better person.

Steven Barnes

The end result of this creative inspiration is the bestselling audio book, The Lifewriting Year Long Program.

The Lifewriting Year Long Program includes:

  • 2 Lectures: Two audio lectures explaining the unique “Lifewriting” system of writing from the inside-out. Unleash a FLOOD of creativity. SMASH writer’s block forever. Learn how to take your personal experience and channel it into the best writing of your life!
  • 6 Live Lectures: Drawn from one of the only live lectures featuring Steven Barnes teaching the entire program, this rare, priceless, golden wisdom, offers you a gem-a-minute treasure trove of real-world, usable, dynamic teaching.
  • Lifewriting Program Workbook: A 260-page workbook taking you by the hand through the next year of your writing life as if Steven Barnes was sitting by your side. You will work both hard AND smart, and write better and strong than ever before.
  • Monthly Movie Guide: That’s right — every month you will watch a movie, selected from the list of films analyzed according to “Lifewriting.” Just rent, watch, read, and let your subconscious soak it in. Unbelievably easy and fun.
  • Free Short Story Evaluation by Steven Barnes: At the end of the course, you will be asked to submit a short story to Steven Barnes for a free evaluation. Such professional writer reviews can cost at least USD $500 each, and you get this free, included in the year-long program.
  • Free 30 Minute Telephone Consultation with Steven Barnes: This is a rare opportunity to have a sit-down conversation with one of the most respected authors and educators in the writing industry and ask him whatever you wish, getting the personal help you need to take your writing to the next level professionally.

Outstanding. Barnes educates, entertains, and more importantly, motivates… in a no-nonsense cut-to-the-chase method useful for everyone from beginners to working professionals. He’s been there, done that, and he shares it joyfully herein. The tapes would be a bargain at twice the price.

Steve Perry, New York Times best selling novelist

Order Now

Normally, USD $199.99, In honor of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November, and to help you get started this year finding your writing voice and style in this crazy world of independent, self-publishing and commercial publishing industry, we’ve made this program available for a limited time only for only $89.95.

Steven Barnes is uniquely powerful…enabling our clients to balance their physical and emotional arenas along a spiritual pathway to abiding self love and unifying purpose.

Gerald M. Levin, Former CEO Time/Warner Inc., Presiding Director, Moonview Optimal Performance Center


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