Fatigue makes cowards of us all

MONDAY, MAY 12, 2014

Originally published on Darkush as Diamond Hour, Secret Formula and Energy

I feel that I want to look more deeply into the “Diamond Hour” concept–the universe seems to be nudging me in that direction. More requests for it, more sign-ups for that list. Probably more need to solidify my own practices, rooting them more deeply. The question is how to approach it.

Well, I’m going to take a meta-position on this. I’m going to use my own “Diamond Hour” to create this new course, sharing the pieces of it as I go. So I woke up this morning at 5:30, fifteen minutes and meditated. (Ancient Child and Heartbeat). Up, made myself a cup of tea and checked my email and FB messages. Re-wrote my core goals, a statement of Faith (why I believe I can and should achieve them), the action steps today, and what I am grateful for.

Then took a look at what I’ve been asked (or otherwise moved) to look at in terms of DH:

Time management, create, resilience, courage/proper assertiveness. nature and community. balancing creative and financially rewarding work, time management, exercise money management, getting adequate rest, goal setting, study, relationships/love/sex, communication, Rest and energy.


Wow. A lot of different things, and I want to simplify them before I dive in.

So…let’s say that: (more…)

Four Steps to Doubling your energy. Part One…

The process of looking through Dar Kush to see the day-to-day results of brain-dumping is quite educational. As I come closer to the present day, I see the difference between concepts “revealed” for the first time, and those I “know” and fight my way back to. It’s the non-dualistic thing. It is easy to see when I’m functioning on that level, and when stress of one kind or another throws me back into some negative emotion, and creates a reactive mind. Clear as custard.

I remember Swift Deer telling me once that he was worried that he wouldn’t have the energy to make and hold the next jump in his awareness. Mushtaq speaking of the fact that energy is necessary for growth. My attraction to Scott Sonnon’s work, as a physically-rooted discipline of clearing away illusion.

Energy. Increase it, direct it, cultivate it. “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” That loop…fear draining energy, and fatigue leading to fear, is one of the great negative-feedback loops, and I see clearly why it has always been fascinating to me.

Just a quick bit of advice to increase energy:

Rest. If you’re getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night, you need look no further for a potential energy drain. If you deal with pain, or stress-related sleep issues, please address this immediately. The “Warrior Sleep” program was designed for this, but frankly the yoga “Moon Salutation” exercise, practiced physically and then visualized as you slip into sleep, is even more powerful if you can do it.

Please handle this arena of your life. We’ll talk about the other aspects of energy tomorrow.