heartbeat meditation

“`Not-Two’ is not precisely true. But `two’ is precisely `not-true.'”

I realize that since I’ve combed through the fifteen years I’ve been posting thoughts on personal development, I’ve not had as much to say.  Have…felt a little sad.  And realized the reason.  I’ve finished the “growth” phase of my life, and am entering the “refinement” stage, where I am whittling away, and away.  What I have to do is look at the following elements, each extracted from a different teacher or tradition, and flavored with personal experience:

  1. Lifewriting
  2. Soulmate
  3. Ancient child
  4. Heartbeat
  5. Spiritual Autolysis
  6. “Secret Formula”
  7. Daily ritual

As there are not two truths (one of my favorite comments about non-dualism is that “`not-two’ is not precisely true. But two is precisely `not-true.’” Lovely.), any true statement is a description of the same thing, seen from a different perspective. (more…)