“`Not-Two’ is not precisely true. But `two’ is precisely `not-true.'”

I realize that since I’ve combed through the fifteen years I’ve been posting thoughts on personal development, I’ve not had as much to say.  Have…felt a little sad.  And realized the reason.  I’ve finished the “growth” phase of my life, and am entering the “refinement” stage, where I am whittling away, and away.  What I have to do is look at the following elements, each extracted from a different teacher or tradition, and flavored with personal experience:

  1. Lifewriting
  2. Soulmate
  3. Ancient child
  4. Heartbeat
  5. Spiritual Autolysis
  6. “Secret Formula”
  7. Daily ritual

As there are not two truths (one of my favorite comments about non-dualism is that “`not-two’ is not precisely true. But two is precisely `not-true.’” Lovely.), any true statement is a description of the same thing, seen from a different perspective. (more…)

Tell the truth about your own life, and you become much harder to lie to.


Reading this research study on adverse childhood experiences, which begain in an obesity clinic, I 100% agree with what this article says: behavioral dysfunctions are a form of PTSD, often related to childhood trauma. This is one reason that the “Morning Ritual” concept incorporates both the “Ancient Child”, heartbeat meditation, physical motion, and focus. Why I believe so strongly in dealing with the fear that lies at the base of all negative emotion. Sigh.

I can tell you the first time I realized how bad it was, and how I needed to trust instinct rather than the surface or “presenting” stories. I was a GOH at a convention in Texas, and teaching a morning Tai Chi workshop. There was a lady on the periphery of the workshop, trying to do the movements. She was extremely obese, and more, her teeth were rotted out. My first impression was that she was like one overweight person pushed into the middle of a second one, a very sweet small face and bright eyes in the middle of a puffy cocoon of fatty tissue. Over 300 pounds. (more…)