The ANCIENT CHILD 30-Day Program is Here!

Buy now - Steven Barnes - The Ancient Child - Evolution.ANCIENT CHILD THIRTY DAY PROGRAM months talking about this innovative program ANCIENT CHILD THIRTY DAY PROGRAM Finally, after a lifetime of learning, thirty years of teaching, and three years of testing, the ANCIENT CHILD THIRTY DAY PROGRAM is ready!

After months talking about this innovative program, I wish I could say that I “created” this program, but the truth is that what I’ve done is gathered the very best from the very finest men and women I’ve ever been blessed to study with, practiced it all to the best of my ability, and find the point inside myself that all roads lead to…and then ask WHAT WERE THEY ALL SAYING IN COMMON?

What was it my teachers were trying to bang into my #$%% head?

  1. Whatever you want to master, you have to do EVERY DAY.
  2. You have to integrate mind, body, and emotion, or you can never be whole.
  3. You have to RAISE YOUR ENERGY if you want to get out of your rut…

It took decades of learning, of teaching, studying, failing, succeeding, and failing again, to distill it all down to its essence, and I bring it to you today.

The Ancient Child: Evolution audio program asks 20 minutes of you a day for 30 days to transform yourself and begin to understand things about who you are and how your body, mind, and spirit work together that you may have never totally understood. You will be connecting far more deeply with your sense of aliveness, creativity, regain your physical mobility and ease of motion, release fears, and become far more directed as a human being.

Just 20 minutes a day. That’s it. New life, new thinking, new body. A better you in just 30 days.

We all need that, right?

The idea is simple:

You can begin your progress as a human being from the heart “out” or from the body “up”, but never ever ever from the head “down.”

I’m betting that once you understand, once you EXPERIENCE, you’ll want to continue for a lifetime. You won’t SETTLE for a scattered, “o.k” life any more. Once you discover what happens when you integrate body, mind, and spirit into a single force, you will understand where you have “leaked” energy and effectiveness. You’ll love yourself even more for how much you’ve been able to accomplish with all the conflicting, sometimes painful messages you’ve operated with all your life.

To learn more and order your copy of ANCIENT CHILD THIRTY DAY PROGRAM, go to my shop.

Give yourself a favor. Make 2015 the very best year of your life, starting NOW. Order the ANCIENT CHILD THIRTY DAY PROGRAM…the first of a new world of possibilities, committed to making YOU the hero in the adventure of your lifetime.



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