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If we love and tell the truth…what need we fear?


Nice thread on “Better Call Saul” yesterday, so I thought I’d say a little more.  “Saul”, “Breaking Bad” and before them “The Sopranos” have (IMO) likable, bad people at the core of the shows.  We are tempted to empathize with their world views, to excuse their behaviors, justify their rationalizations.  Believe other people or external events are responsible for their choices.   I compared them to  mini-Macbeths, where horrifically evil actions are made comprehensible by seeing the humanity of the guilty party.  

Tragedies–men of force and intellect (well…I’d say Jimmy is clever, but not hugely smart) who think they can make their own rules in the world.  Of the three, I’d say Walter White is the most evil–he sees totally innocent people killed or destroyed as a consequence of his actions, and continues his behaviors. Unless I’m forgetting something, that’s worse than anything Tony Soprano ever did.  “Saul” is a step removed from direct evil physical actions, but constantly warps rules, and supports those who DO engage in direct, evil actions.


It’s a slippery slope indeed. What are the doorways to evil, the portals we often pass without realizing we’ve opened the gates to hell?  Well, Musashi speaks of one, and the Sufis another.


Musashi’s first principle is:   “Do not think dishonestly.”  Well…I’ve certainly never met anyone I could declare honest 100% of the time.   But the occasional lies we tell ourselves or others are not the same as excusing our lies by saying “everyone does it” and employ/rely upon them as a tactic and strategy.   It is even worse if we realize we are not disconnected from those around us. That, in essence, when we lie to others we cannot help but lie to ourselves.   That distorts our reality map, takes us off the road to wisdom and Awakening.    On “Saul”, Jimmy cannot even understand what is wrong with his lying, cheating, and stealing.  If he doesn’t get caught, what’s the problem..?


Every parent knows that a lying child is thinking this way, and we pray that something will finally “click in” and they will become internally directed, begin to seek honesty for their own sake.  When they do, we breathe a sigh of relief.


The Sufi piece is the thought that the beginning of evil is treating human beings as means rather than ends.  In other words, failing to extend your own humanity to others.   Walter White cares about the people close to him, but is so bought into his own bullshit that everything, including human lives, are just pieces on a game board to be moved around for his entertainment and profit.   


And make no mistake: they give him a way off that train–he is offered insurance.  His EGO won’t let him take it.  What is disturbing is that even after this telling moment, fans of the show continued to insist that he HAD to continue to be “Heisenburg”.   Wow.  Really?   Are these people not describing their own moral landscapes? That they would excuse themselves in the same circumstances? Do the same things and use the same justifications?


What did Walter White tell himself after that boy was shot in the desert? After the plane blew up? He is directly or indirectly responsible for HUNDREDS of deaths, and until the last fifteen minutes of the last episode, continued to claim he had no responsibility.   THAT is human evil.


“Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged” is often quoted.   But I think that comment is connected to “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”   Very clearly, Christ evaluated the worth and rightness of human actions, so there can’t be a blanket statement against having values or measuring behaviors.  But what is being said is that if you judge others, you will be judged.  Well, actually, according to Christian doctrine you’re gonna be judged whether you judge others or not, so I have to think some thing is being lost in translation.


The truth is that we NEED the judgement of others, especially those who have walked the lifepaths we desire, who have the skills we covet, or have accomplished what we seek.  Without that judgement, we are denied the very feedback we need to improve.


That doesn’t mean to be cruel, mean, insulting, or anything else.  It means we need the truth. And frankly, yes, that little kid inside us wants that truth to be offered in the softest, sweetest way we can get it.  But in the adult world, if you are about to be hit by a train, do you REALLY want someone to spend five minutes telling you what a good, sweet, wonderful person you are, or would you rather hear someone say: “hey, idiot, get off the tracks!”    Yes, there is room between the two.   But if you are going to tell me that unless someone says it “nicely” you’re going to stay right there on the tracks, is that your “adult” or your “child” speaking?   


Either we are responsible for our actions, or we are not. If other people are responsible for our emotional states, we have NO AGENCY.   There is simply no behavior we cannot justify by saying someone else treated us in this or that manner.  None.


Yes, I’m talking personal responsibility, and I fully grasp the danger some will see in doing so.  What happens when we apply this principle to entire groups, some of whom (ahem) statistically have more issues with the legal system or other dysfunctional or destructive behaviors?


Simple, really.   While some of the underlying issues have been debated for thousands of years and will continue to be so for thousands more, I have no problem maintaining an internally consistent position, and it is this:


The average person cops out, stays asleep, lies to themselves an average amount of the time. And given the same stimuli will mis-behave or under-perform an average amount.  While individuals MUST be responsible for their behaviors or miss their lives, most are, by definition, only average about this. Such that if you see a group of people operating at a level of pain, it is reasonable to assume that they are dealing with different environmental pressures.  m So yes, I can see the problems in group X.  But the Ys wagging their finger would ON AVERAGE be the same, given the same history and situation.

That’s my position.  I’m perfectly aware that at least 20% of people have a different theory about such things, and that’s all right.

If you are an X, and you want a better life, you have to be other than average, or you are screwed. And much of that will be dependent on telling the truth and extending empathy.

Love and fear.  Telling the truth demands having sufficient control of your fear to actually deal with the worst that could happen, not need the balm of illusion.


And empathizing means loving yourself to reach the core of your being, to fill your own heart so that you need no emotional reinforcement from others.  Free of that neediness, you tap into something larger than human ego, and begin to expand outward, naturally beginnning to share that love with others. The consequence, to see your own soul in the eyes of others, is the door to heaven, just as objectification and dishonesty are  the doorway to hell.


If Jimmy and Walter and Tony had  loved themselves, told the truth, and extended that love to others…precisely what evil would they have ever done?  I may be forgetting something, but I don’t see it.  


Tragedies were considered a high social art, in classic dramas the downfall of a powerful human being because of their personal failings.  Watching them destroyed by their own hubris or lack of wisdom or evil was an uplifting experience, and the coffee-house discussions that followed allowed the audience to discuss and reinforce the social values at the core of the downfall.  


Watching “Breaking Bad” or “Better Call Saul” or “The Sopranos” (or “The Godfather”, probably the very best of the popular American explorations of this theme) is a fascinating Rorschach test.  What people say about the events tells you what they think of humanity, the ethical structure of the universe, what is acceptable, who is responsible for our actions and emotions.  Sometimes, what they wish they were courageous enough to do themselves.


It is educational.   And fun. And at times…just a little scary.




The Art of Striving Without Striving

“Work (with desire) is verily far inferior to that performed with the mind undisturbed by thoughts of results”–the Bhagavad Gita


There is no arena of life to which this cannot be applied.  Yes, you must be sure that you have “right action” in the sense that during your planning phase, you design your daily actions so that, if they are properly performed, they maximize your chance of reaching your goal.   But the actions must be pleasureable in and of themselves, or it is difficult to enter “flow”, and without flow, you will never reach your full potential.   And hey, what about pleasure for its own sake?  After all, you might get hit by a meteor tomorrow morning.  Why postpone your joy until the end of the month?


  1. Body.   Daily actions of discipline and exertion must tie into your “fun” wiring, or at least your “inquiry” wiring.  Learning, expressing, exploring.  Most people treat their bodies like hamsters on wheels: “if I do enough of this mindless exercise, my body will whip into shape”.  In reality, they are often WIDENING the gap between mind and body: exercising on a treadmill while watching television.  Since it takes about five hours of jogging or walking to burn off a single Whopper, this is not the smartest approach.


2) Mind.   Look at the arts.    The greatest artists rarely worried about the money and fame, even though it came to them.  They are concerned with the quality of the work. But if they are shrewd businessmen (as, say, Shakespeare apparently was) then they must also calibrate by watching the audience, tracking the sales, and so forth.  This might be considered the split between “flow” and “editing” states, “child” and “adult” states, with each part doing its job. The “adult” self might decide that XYZ is the appropriate homework that will lead to the good grades. But he must then lather the “child” self with love and approval (as well as implied punishment/pain: carrot AND stick works better than either alone) to keep that little guy on track.


3) Relationships.   The entire “Soulmate Process” notion is to design your life so that you automatically, for your own reasons, do the things that make you more attractive to others. Don’t do it to manipulate, or attract some particular person.  Do it because a healthy, vibrant expression of self is the precise attractant you need.  If you “try” to attract other people, you actually become desperate and weak.  But if your commitment is to being a healthy animal with a loving heart and a keen hunter-gatherer, you won’t be able to beat them off with a stick.    


All of this is the same as a warrior going off to war without looking back at his family, or concerning himself with survival.  His attention is on doing his duty, and performing his function at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.  If he does this, without concern for his own life, his skills integrated at the level of “unconscious competence” will take care of survival, while his tactical and strategic mind concentrates on, well, killing his enemies.  And he therefore will have the maximum chance of finding himself alive at the end of the day.  


Before action, fear or eagerness.

After action, relief and gratitude

During action, “you” are not there.  Something else comes up, Stephen King’s “boys in the basement”.  Bruce Lee’s “bloody violent man”.  Something deeper, stronger, smarter.   More real than the part of you that seeks money, fame, sex, or survival.


That’s the paradox.  You must act with efficiency and effectiveness.  And you also have to not care about the results.  find a way to resolve that paradox, and you’ve taken another step.





The picture above is of a regulation 16-pound shot (next to my iPad, for reference).    I use it for various grip, endurance, and power exercises, and was showing some two-man drills to Jason yesterday, much like using a medicine ball, passing it back and forth.  Let’s just say that a mistake was made, and it ended up falling on my left toe.  


Yeouch!  The swelling and bruising was a wonder to behold (let alone “befelt”) but that’s not the most interesting thing…


I knew I needed a good night’s sleep to give my body a chance to heal. And got a pretty good rest, but when I woke up in the morning…my toe felt pretty good…


But my left groin muscles ached.  If I hadn’t seen this before, it would have been a real WTF moment.  I bang my toe, and ANOTHER part of my body gets the pain?  What’s up with that?   


Well, there are a lot of things, but the most obvious one is that when you hurt part of your body, you change balance and focus to protect it…putting strain on ANOTHER part of your body.   The pain/injury can “travel” to another part of the kinetic chain, nesting there like a rabid rat, burrowing in and waiting for you not to notice…so that you can get hurt again, and again, bouncing around your body one step ahead of your perceptions.


Lasting, deep injury is made of such things.   So in a few minutes I’ll do yoga, because my routine (a single repetition of the entire Bikram series.  Takes about 35 minutes) works the entire body, every bit of the “chain” whether I have conscious awareness of the issues or not.   And when I do that, no matter where the damage “bounces” I’m dealing with it, and the whole thing will fade within a couple of days.


The trick is that this works psychologically as well.  Damage, fear, disappointment, guilt, shame…they enter our systems through one door, but then bounce around and break a window in another room.  Your boss makes a disparaging remark, and you take it out on your kids, damaging your relationship.  You get a rejection on your latest story, and become more vulnerable to “road rage.”  You stop smoking and gain weight.   The examples are endless.


And you CANNOT always predict where the “redirected” damage will pop up.  This is why you need a “generative” practice of some kind, something that shines light into the entire room, whether you think about that little dusty corner or not.  That corner is where your demons will hide.


Heartbeat Meditation, the Ancient Child, pranayama, journaling…there are endless possibilities.   My Morning Ritual covers everything in “Quantum” form, the minimum necessary to check in and step forward in body, mind, and emotions.   The “seed” of all my other actions, so that if I do it, I know that I’m moving, moving, moving, never sliding backwards.  And as long as you are making any progress, your fear level drops. Which increases faith, which makes it possible to take more actions, in a positive spiral that can take you anywhere you want to go.


Find something that will have this function for you.  Do it every day, to get those dust bunnies out of the corner.


Those psychological/emotional groin sprains are no fun at all.




Problem Solving Part 2: Brainstorming


Back to idea generation.   The specific term “Brainstorming” is the  process of tapping into flow and snatching out ideas, performed by a “mastermind” of two or more people.  

The “Mastermind” principle is, specifically, two or more people operating in a spirit of harmony, committed to the same goal, or helping each other achieve goals that are not in conflict.  


EXERCISE:  Using a digital recorder to track results, you and your partner(s) write the problem on a piece of paper and tack it to the wall.  Now, for fifteen minutes, each of you take turns proposing a solution.  Go FAST!  Prizes for the most answers and the silliest answers.  At the end of fifteen minutes, list the answers and discuss.   You will find hidden gems.


It is very important not to judge the quality or utility of the goals until you FINISH.   This is probably the largest stumbling block: the “adult” or “editor” voice wants to jump in and take control.   Let your “kid” play, and be shocked at just how smart she is.



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Tears streamed down my face. Was it too late?

About thirty years ago, I was sitting in a Greenwich Village restaurant speaking to Leo and Diane Dillon about art.   These were REAL artists, fabulous graphic geniuses (the inset image is from their cover to Harlan Ellison’s DEATHBIRD STORIES), and a husband-wife team who performed as a single mind.  When she started a line, he finished, and vice versa.  In the presence of such greatness, all my pretense of wanting to interview them to help an artist friend just…dissolved.   



Tears streamed down my face, all my bullshit stripped away in the face of such artistic purity.  I realized that in trying to maintain a career, to support my family, I had often written things purely for the money, sometimes scrabbling to please people with corrupt values and petty creative minds.  “We can’t do that story” I remember being told once.  “If we did that story, people would think this show is about something, and our only excuse for putting on a mass murder every week is that this is pure entertainment.”


Name of God.   And…I needed the money.  Instead of excusing myself and using up a bobbin of mental floss, I stayed and pitched madly, desperate to get that check.   Frankly, honestly, it took me a year to recover.  


That’s another story.


I explained my situation to Leo and Diane, and choked out the words: “is it too late for me?   Can I still find my way to my art?”


They looked at me not with scorn or mocking, but pure compassion.  Diane reached across the table and took my hand.  Through a film of tears I heard her say words that changed my life: “if you can even ask that question, it’s not too late.”


Bless her.  I’ve lost my way at times. We all have.  If you have ever wanted to work in Hollywood, you have been tempted to sell out, to change your words, to write what’s “hot” instead of what’s true.   It’s the war between heart and head, child and adult, and it is eternal.


In prose writing, the answer is often to write short stories, which cleanse the palate, give you a chance to study your craft for its own sake, and to play with nutty ideas for the sheer joy of it.


But what if you want to make movies?  In the process of chasing that dream, is it possible to create a path that takes you CLOSER to your creative impulse, while satisfying your heart, and simultaneously learning the skills you need to succeed in the money game?


Tananarive and I believe there is.  And it lies in making short films.  We’ve done it for nothing, for 30k, and I’ve done it in writing for television’s The Twilight Zone.   There you have it: from zero to 100% Guild, a continuum ANYONE can begin, a road ANYONE can walk, easier than at any point in history because of changes in technology.  


This Friday, we’re doing a totally Free webinar to create more material for our exclusive SCREENWRITING MACHINE class.  We’d love to have you in the audience for it.  We’ll be discussing the nuts and bolts of actual creation of short films, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you want, from the “why” to the “how” and the “how much.”  It will be at 6pm pst Friday the 22nd of January 2016, and we’re going to have serious fun, and show you how you can do the same.  Not “some day” but NOW.




If you can even remember your dream…it’s not too late.




A Note From “Future You”


Hey there!   I know this feels strange, but yeah, this is a note from you,   three years from now.  Just thought I’d reach back and give you a little encouragement, and a little push.


You see, I’ve accomplished so many of the goals you set out to achieve that I just wanted to say “thank you.”  For what?


–for keeping my dreams alive.

–for working so darned hard

–for maintaining faith that tomorrow could be better than yesterday

–for keeping a loving, optimistic heart no matter what.


That’s what it takes, you know.   


And one of those dreams seemed impossible, I know.   You wanted to write movies.  But you understood what that meant: not “write scripts”.  Anybody can do that.  You wanted to write MOVIES.   To create, to share, to build images that change the world.  And oh, yes, you wanted to conquer Hollywood, the apex of the world’s creative flow. There was and is NO other world destination that pulls the greatest talent from every corner of the globe.


And that is not just the tallest mountain, but all those hands seeking to climb it have polished it slicker than glass.    


You saw the task ahead, and climbed anyway.

You saw the crushed bodies at the bottom of the slope, and climbed anyway.

You listened to everyone saying “you can’t do it” and climbed anyway.

You saw the awards and money going to others.  Sometimes these were people with wonderful skills and talent…and other times it was to people willing to sell out, or those who had connections, or those who were the flavor of the month.


And you never gave up.


Because you saw a way to do something extraordinary.  You realized that the game had changed, and that there was a different way up the mountain.


One that would teach you the skills necessary to climb as fast as you were capable, but at the same time actually have the fun and satisfaction of REAL CREATION.  That’s right. You were one of the first to see that you could have both. And that if you did, then no one could stop you.


You were like “Rocky.” Remember that terrific first movie, before Stallone discovered Roman numerals?  Where he decided he couldn’t beat Apollo Creed?  When Adrian asked him what they was going to do, and he said that if he could just be on his feet at the end of fifteen rounds he’d declare victory?


And because of that change, because he defined success as something within his grasp, something determined by HIS actions, not the judgements of others, he ultimately became champion of the world?


Remember that?   Wow. What a moment.  That was TRUTH. And you saw and felt it.


And because of that, I’m where I am now. And I owe it all to you.


I just wanted to encourage you to trust your instincts.  Follow your dreams.   To clarify your goal of writing MOVIES, not just “scripts.” Of creating, and having faith that if you do your very best, day after day, learning as you do, that you will raise your skill and ability to the highest level you can. And that you can have FUN along the way, learning at accelerated speed, meaning learning the WHOLE business…


-How to write

-How to FINISH and polish

-What a producer needs to make a movie

-What a director needs and wants

-What actors need and want

-How an audience responds to your work.


You knew that without ALL of these things, you could chase your tail forever, hallucinating that you were making progress instead of actually growing.


Yes.  You found the “loophole” in the game.   A way to succeed, GUARANTEED, simply by shifting your paradigm a little.   And that made all the difference.  


You decided to go to WWW.HOLLYWOODLOOPHOLE.COM and take control of your career, your creativity, your learning process, your ability to speak your truth to the world.  You did it, and I am so darned proud of you.


I’m nothing without you, really.  


Today was the day we planted that seed, wasn’t it? The day we made one of the best decisions we’d ever made?  Trust your instincts about that.  If you like this future “you”–one who is writing and making films, who has a new supportive community of like-minded people, who is taking our dreams to the next level…just go to and take the next step.


I’m counting on you…


Signed, YOU
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Thanksgiving as a key to life

It occurred to me that holidays over the next couple of months give us a lovely opportunity to look at that “Secret Formula” equation in a different way.  Due to the communicative property, we can change things from my usual formulation:


To GRATITUDE X FAITH X GOALS X ACTION = RESULTS and it works precisely the same.

THANKSGIVING is gratitude.  A time for contemplating all that we have to be happy about in life.  For me, it is family, health, all of the wonderful mentors and students life has brought me, the amazing experiences I’ve had.  Watching “Steve Jobs” yesterday, it opens with a clip of Arthur C. Clarke lecturing about the future of computers, against a backdrop of an entire room of IBM punchcard machines. I laughed because the laptop I was working on has far more computing power (heck, my Iphone does) but felt a very special warmth because I actually sat and had a private lunch with Sir Arthur at Larry Niven’s house, long long ago.  What a wonderful memory!

FAITH is Christmas.   Now, personally, I’m a Christian, and this holiday stems from a celebration of the birth of Christ, and revolves around the meaning of this in the Christian tradition. But it is also a cultural holiday, a time that most of us can tap into memories of joy and peace and possibility, of believing in flying reindeer and jolly fat men shimmying down chimneys and bringing toys to every home in the world.  Magic.  Faith in things unseen, and with the stress so many of us feel right now at this time in the world, a little Peace On Earth Good Will Toward Men action is pretty healing.

GOALS is New Years.  How many of us set New Years Resolutions?  The end of a year and the beginning of another year opens our eyes to the passage of time, the need to shake off the dust, open our eyes and choose to live in closer accord to our hopes and dreams and values.

ACTION of course, is what is necessary to bring our goals to life. Constant action.  And you WILL take action if you have Gratitude for where you are now (this vanquishes fear) and Faith that you CAN and SHOULD pursue and achieve your goals.  Action. Every day.   Do this, while modeling success and being prepared to be flexible about your approach, and you maximize your chances of external achievement…and are 100% guaranteed to win.  Why?  Because ultimately, all we want is to be happy, and when you BEGIN your day with gratitude, you are a winner, no matter what happens the rest of the day.  But guess what?  You have also maximized your chance of actually performing at your very best, because joy and love are an even more powerful motivation than fear and anger.   The last time you fell in love, didn’t it feel like you could fly?


You can feel like that every day.   So tomorrow…before you slip into a Tryptophan coma, think of all you have to give thanks for.  EVERYONE has things, even if they were in your past. Find them and hold onto them. Just as an incident of childhood abuse can poison an entire life, a single act of kindness or joyful memory can light the rest of your life, if you hold it close in your heart.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS, whichever you celebrate, and however you celebrate them.



(p.s…I also considered suggesting Valentine’s Day for “Action”, because if you get your sweetie the right gift…oh, never mind.  That’s naughty, and with Christmas right around the corner, I’d rather be nice!)

Loving yourself is the root. Loving others is the flowering


One of the reasons I love Facebook is that it is like a never-ending gathering of friends and acquaintances, and that I get to evesdrop on conversations of all kinds.  Yesterday, I say a thread where the original poster was speaking of the damaging messages received from parents in childhood, and the conflicts and stress those instructions have caused.


The basic wiring of the human psyche is to grow, seek pleasure, learn, and avoid pain.   When expressed healthfully, and given the right resources, we explore the world, imitate our mentors and role models, discover our own essence, and discard whatever is “not us” and begin to express ourselves as works of living art.


We develop the capacity to hunt and gather (make money), find love and sex with integrity, and most of us bond and raise families.   About the time our parents die, most of us awaken to the actual flow of life (the more fortunate ones accomplish this earlier) and we deal with our own fear of mortality, often by focusing on what we will contribute to, and experience of, the world before we leave it.


But  our parents, the god-like figures who provided food, shelter, and love…who were sources of affection and discipline, have a very special place in our lives.  In our early days, our neurology is totally “open” to their programming.  We trust them because we must, and are genetically programmed to do so.


What happens if their instructions are poison?  If our childhood homes were not safe?  If we received conflicting instructions or philosophies (“find love!” vrs  “relationships are pain!”.  “Be free!” vrs  “Seek security.”)?  If we were manipulated with guilt and pain and fear, and haven’t the energy and focus to break free of that toxic orbit?  Locked into a web of co-dependent relationships where we cannot approve of our own lives, but must eternally seek the approval of people who cannot or will not give it?


Then we will either live a life of pain, our dreams crash and burn. Our relationships are struggles, our bodies dump sites for our emotions.    It can be awful to watch, and worse to live.   We must find a way to break free, to heal and nurture ourselves, love ourselves ruthlessly, and find or fight or grow our way to freedom.


The daily ritual of meditation and motion, of creating an avatar of an “inner child” to nurture and protect; simultaneously learning to move our bodies as if we were healthy animals and move through the world like autonomous adults; and at the same time keeping our eyes on our ultimate spiritual reality…


Well, we can extract the positive lessons from our childhoods (and trust me, they exist, or you wouldn’t have survived) without being defined by the negative.  Not being your parents, nor not-being your parents, but rather simply being yourself.   Some of what you are will be like them, some will not.  It is only a matter of interest, not a confinement or predestination or adolescent rebellion. Just…being you.


This is something worth seeking and cultivating, and totally possible, if you’ll just spend a little time every day listening to your heart, embracing your deepest dreams and values, and raising your energy.


You’re worth loving. You’re worth fighting for.

Make 2015 your best year ever!



Steven Barnes

A “Brilliant” review

“Brilliant”.   That’s an awfully lovely review to hear on the first launch day for the new ANCIENT CHILD THIRTY DAY program.   “The fact you are using a meditation to process the emotions that comes with the movement… brilliant.” Tai Chi, Yoga, martial arts, deep massage…all of them have the capacity to stir up emotions locked in the body.  The Hawaiian Huna “the body is a black bag where you store unprocessed emotions” comes to mind here.  And unless you are prepared to process them, you will slowly become less and less comfortable with your physical transformation…until you eventually give up, or sabotage them, or arrange to injure yourself, or…we’ve all seen it countless times, and it isn’t just about the body.

Try making more money, or gaining more success than fits your self image or is supported by your family dynamics, beliefs, or values.  Financial suicide.

Try diving into a relationship more deeply than you are prepared for.  Watch the self-destructive behavior.  The truth is that we were born with the capacity to love deeply and well, thrive financially, and relish our physicality.  And anything less than that is damage we picked up along the way, or conflicting “programs” in the biocomputer.

The way out of this mess, the way to cut through the Gordian Knot our lives can become (we’re all raised by amateurs!) is to start by loving ourselves enough to conquer fear, anger, and guilt but also enough to commit 100% to PROTECTING ourselves, our dreams, our hearts.  And thence…to healing.

The next step is to, simultaneously, awaken ourselves from “sensory motor amnesia” and increase our energy.

Learning to move like a healthy animal demands healthy emotions, and the feedback loop is stupendous.  And that means stupendously bad (physical abuse encodes fear in the body, fear builds walls.  Those walls not only protect us but confine us) or stupendously good (love dissolves fear and anger, leads to faith and gratitude.  Filling our hearts leads to the desire to share, leading to relationships, but also to the natural, healthy urge to hunt and gather for both self AND family, to having a blissful sexual relationship with someone we can share our life with. The physical body is the vehicle for all of this, and pride in its maintenance is a natural thing.  Anything else is UNNATURAL and learned)

So yes…meditation and movement in the same package.  However you manage to process your emotions (journaling, therapy, meditation, etc.) you’ll need to clean away the schmutz or you will push and push and push…and rebound back to your lower, more comfortable level.  Don’t even try to pretend you don’t know what I mean: we’ve all done it, and watched it done by others, countless times.

Create your own combination of physical, mental, and emotional tools, and skyrocket.  Or, if you want to get a boost, just order the ANCIENT CHILD 30-Day program, use it for a month, and see exactly what I’m talking about.  One month.

You’re worth it.  You deserve it.

You know you do.



The ANCIENT CHILD 30-Day Program is Here!

Buy now - Steven Barnes - The Ancient Child - Evolution.ANCIENT CHILD THIRTY DAY PROGRAM months talking about this innovative program ANCIENT CHILD THIRTY DAY PROGRAM Finally, after a lifetime of learning, thirty years of teaching, and three years of testing, the ANCIENT CHILD THIRTY DAY PROGRAM is ready!

After months talking about this innovative program, I wish I could say that I “created” this program, but the truth is that what I’ve done is gathered the very best from the very finest men and women I’ve ever been blessed to study with, practiced it all to the best of my ability, and find the point inside myself that all roads lead to…and then ask WHAT WERE THEY ALL SAYING IN COMMON?

What was it my teachers were trying to bang into my #$%% head?

  1. Whatever you want to master, you have to do EVERY DAY.
  2. You have to integrate mind, body, and emotion, or you can never be whole.
  3. You have to RAISE YOUR ENERGY if you want to get out of your rut…

It took decades of learning, of teaching, studying, failing, succeeding, and failing again, to distill it all down to its essence, and I bring it to you today. (more…)