Star Wars Saved My Life!

For a couple of months now I’ve talked about a very special project I’m working on, designed specifically to adapt the LIFEWRITING technology to science fiction fandom.  I love you guys.  I was a lonely, frustrated, unknown wanna-be writer with no real evidence that I could ever achieve my dreams–and you loved me and supported me and  saved my heart.   I’ve wanted to do something to give back for a very long time.   I was just as drop-jawed as any of you when that Star Destroyer crossed the screen for the first time in A NEW HOPE, back then simply known as “Star Wars.”  That was the movie that brought SF mainstream. EVERYONE saw it, and talked about it, and suddenly Geek Culture was EVERYONE’S culture.   It was a new world.  I wasn’t a total mutant loner any more…I had tribe.  And one of the greatest thrills of my life was going to Skywalker Ranch to work on THE CESTUS DECEPTION, my contribution to the Clone Wars saga.  The circle was complete.

Sigh.  Life is SO good!

And finally, about six months ago, I saw the opportunity to make that contribution.  My new book “STAR WARS SAVED MY LIFE” is a teaching story, of a family of SF fans who learn to use the lessons in their favorite films to change their lives.  It will be available on Amazon, hopefully FREE if we can work things out with Amazon Prime.  And there is a special workbook that will accompany it. That FREE workbook will be available by November 7th, but if you’d like to be one of the first to receive it, please sign up now, and we’ll get it out to you just as fast as we can.

May The Force Be With You! (and meet you in a galaxy Far Far Away December 18th!)

Steven Barnes

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