Why not throw a party?

The Ericksonian “Parts Party” technique gives labels to the different “parts” of your personality, then lets them express themselves and have conversations with each other. This is hugely valuable when you have internal conflicts.  A basic one is between the “Artist” and “Salesman” parts.

The “Artist” tends to say: “this is what I want to create. Love it!”  The “Salesman” tends to say: “What do you want to buy?  I’ll provide it!”  The “Manager” or “Producer” personality has to find a way to get these two parts to talk to each other and compromise.  If you have a negative association with any of these three, you are probably struggling.

Perhaps they could use a talk with each other…you don’t need to study meditation or hypnosis to do this (although they help.)   The “hypnogogic state”, the place just between sleep and waking, experienced first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night, is a perfect “waking dream” state where you can begin to cultivate the ability to peer into your mind in a different way.  By personifying the “parts” of your personality as if they are attending a cocktail party, you engage your imagination, and ask logic to step aside a bit.  ANY part of your personality can be “named” and you might very well be shocked at what they have to say to you.



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